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Gold iPhone 5S Joking Referred to as ‘The Kardashian’

Gold iPhone 5S Joking Referred to as 'The Kardashian'S, sells for $10,000

The new gold iPhone 5S already has techies and fashionistas alike buzzing, as it is being jokingly referred to as ‘The Kardashian.’

 Employees at Apple’s Cupertino, CA headquarters may have been kidding when they named the brand new, ultra glamorous, gold iPhone 5S after Hollywood’s most sought after socialite.  But it seems as though the name is sticking.  Rejecting such names during the design process as ‘Golden Child,’ and ‘Golden Girl,’ the glitzy phone had been referred to as simply, ‘The Kardashian.’

 Maybe this is in part due to Kardashian’s own obsession with her iPhone.  Lately it seems that all she has been doing is posting selfies on Twitter and Instagram.  The most famous one of late happens to be one where she is proudly displaying her entire backside in nothing both a skimpy bathing suit.  And what’s so proudly displayed in the photo?  Why, her black cased iPhone, of course.  Kardashian’s love of taking pictures of herself, coupled with the fact that her face and name are instantly recognizable, makes the joke even more real.  Apple employees may have been joking here.  But, as the old saying goes, there is a little bit of truth behind every joke.

 The new gold iPhone 5S has been much talked about lately.  Primarily targeted towards little fashion moguls and wanna be rock stars, the phone is more about being seen, and not for its actual use as a communications device.  What little girl wouldn’t want to show up on the playground carrying one of these beauties?  How better to be the envy of every girl in the 5th grade?  Oh, if only we were kidding.

 Kim Kardashian herself already has a custom made anodized gold iPhone.  As so several other celebrities including Wiz Khalifa and Victoria Beckham.  It was only a matter of time before Apple began catering to the less famous.

 And consumer demand is already high.  In addition to the highly coveted color options of space grey and silver, the gold iPhone has already sold out of most stores.  It is currently unavailable online and the back orders are already piling up.

 The growing popularity of the new gold phone makes sense.  Even before it was attached to Kim Kardashian’s name, fans of the popular phone were clamoring for different color options instead of the boring black or white.  While most have been satisfied in purchasing different covers for their iPhones, many wanted something different.  Consumers were thoroughly enticed at the prospect of iPhones in a variety of colors.  And gold seemed to be the most obvious choice.  It’s unique, it’s flashy, and it shouts, ‘look at me!’  In other words, a perfect phone to be named after Kardashian.

 The fact that Apple employees are jokingly, yet lovingly, referring to the new gold iPhone 5S as ‘The Kardashian’ may not be as harsh as it seems. If Kim Kardashian were smart she would get in touch with her agent pronto and arrange for a meeting.  There could be an endorsement deal here.

By: Mary Kay Love

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