GTA V a Virtual Reality

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5

In the most recent release of Grand Theft Auto games, GTA V, has taken the series a step up with amazing graphics that make the game a virtual reality for you. The intricate details of the game have drawn consumers in like a moth to the flame because not only does this awesome game create a home away from home for you, it also creates an entirely different world that you can “live in.”

Since the first GTA game was released in 1997 the makers, Rockstar Games, have tried to imitate reality by creating real life situations for all who play. Each game imitates a real city, real cars, real weapons, and real scenarios.

Although you may be tasked to do mostly violent acts in the game, the life you live in the game can be very similar to the life that you live everyday in the real world. The cities and graphics in the previous 14 games no doubt, drew in the players but with GTA V you will definitely be blown away. With their amazing graphics, Rockstar Games has created a virtual reality where no detail is too small.

GTA V creates a city based on the real city of Los Angeles, California with the infamous Vinewood (Hollywood) sign atop the mountain. As in previous games the city looks almost exactly like its counterpart with skyscrapers, businesses, houses, roads with street lights and highways with railings. There are hundreds of vehicles that include real life cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft, watercraft, emergency vehicles, and other miscellaneous vehicles like  a train, a semi or an RV. Then there are the characters who look like people you might know in real life. These things are just the base make-up of the GTA V game. There is so much more to this game than you may have noticed.

The really impressive graphics come at you in spades. In GTA V virtual reality there are convenience stores with real products, hotel accommodations, shopping, air travel, country clubs, beaches, outdoor sports, fitness areas, spas, tattoo parlors, music,  entertainment and much more. The game’s virtual world even has economic issues and politics! It provides you with everything you need to live a full, virtual life. Even more than this, everything in the game is dependent on every decision that you make. (This is why so many people choose to play the game more than once.) As you make different decisions, so do the other characters around you.

In the article “100 Little Things in GTA V That Will Blow Your Mind,” IGN lists many of the details created by the decisions that your character makes. These details include everything from the characters that race with you if you rev your engine at a stop light, to characters who comment on your hair if you change it. Some other details include dome lights in your car when you open the door; characters who pick fights if you are rude to them. Your character’s real-life cuts and bruises even heal over time; and the article lists 97 more “little things” that are equally impressive.

With a whole world to explore in the GTA V virtual reality, it is no wonder that this game has made over $1 billion dollars in its first few days. If you have not explored the world of GTA V yet, be sure to get your copy and start creating your virtual life. For those of you who have picked-up your copy, keep calm and play on!


Written by: Crystal Boulware

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