GTA V PC Version Releasing in 2014?

Speculation and rumors remain

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UPDATE: Nvidia’s public relations manager has stepped forward to state that any conversations pertaining to the GTA V PC release was in error. While that remains speculative to gamers, since it was mentioned in a conference call, the update from Nvidia has been posted for reader review.

Original story: Let the PC gaming world rejoice! Rockstar is looking to make amends across the board to angry gamers who have been demanding the PC version for weeks. Rockstar is looking to gain respect and much love from the same gamers they have made angry since the release of the sold out game. Due to the online issues gamers have experienced, Rockstar is giving $500k in-game currency to all online gamers. In addition, unnamed sources and one manufacturer source have stated Rockstar intends to release the PC version in 2014.

Contacts to Rockstar have bee unanswered to confirm this very exciting news. Over at the Change organization site, petition organizer Mike Julliard should be rejoicing if this rumor comes true. It was Julliard who initiated the online petition for GTA V to be released for PC playing.  Eurogamer released an article referencing a phone call from Nividia’s director of investor relation, Chris Evenden.

It was Eveden who listed a few console to PC game versions releasing in 2014. In that list, Assassin’s Creed 4 was mentioned as was GTA V. While the turning point of this leak can be attributed to the petition on the Change site – the arrival of the version on the PC should not be that surprising. GTA 4 launched on the PC several months after its initial release in 2008.

The GTA 4 version won rave reviews.
The GTA 4 version won rave reviews.

The reviews for the GTA 4 was met with rave reviews. Many gamers were irritated with the processing power needed, but once involved they enjoyed the gameplay. Gamers raved about the narratives, better graphics, character selection and gameplay. While many PC players were thrilled with the 2008 release, many more were disappointed by Rockstar’s inability to bring GTA V immediately to PC. Atop of the wait, Rockstar refused to acknowledge a PC version would be released anytime in the future, citing their sense of responsibility to console gamers.

The newest leak now releases the anger and frustration at the billion dollar brand.  Since the release of the anticipated GTA V on September 17, Rockstar has received mixed reviews from their fanbase. A day previous to the release, iOS users were enthralled with an iFruit app to download companion selections. Android, Windows and BlackBerry users were left out in the cold, sending them to cyberspace to inquire and demand their dedication be acknowledged.

When October 1 rolled around, millions of gamers overwhelmed the servers for online play. Continued problems halted players from  logging in with error screens and restarts that resulted in player and item loss. Now it seems Rockstar is acknowledging their faults and looking to connect back to their gamer base.

Much of the online problems have been ironed out. There still has been no word from Rockstar regarding the iFruit companion app for other smartphone users, but the launch of a PC version is sure to make millions of gamers very happy. While many were hoping for a holiday release, the gamer base is just glad to hear of suggestions that a PC version is soon to come.

Hitting over $2 billion in sales, Rockstar has emblazoned their brand over the past several weeks. From excited gamers to theorists on violence, the brand has people talking and the web exploding with what is next for Rockstar. Over the next few months, hopefully Rockstar will step forward to address the PC movement. If Eurogamer is correct, PC players will be able to grab a copy of GTA V in early 2014. Are you looking forward to the PC version?


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