In Japan 50 People Missing After Typhoon [Video]

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In Japan mudslides as a result of the typhoon, has led to the deaths of 17 people and 50 remain missing. The mudslides destroyed homes on the island and then redirected towards the Pacific area coast line. Flights were disrupted in the country and transportation systems were nearly shut down due to the effects of the massive storm.

Typhoon Wipha wiped out Izu Oshima Island, near Tokyo. Rescue crews dispatched to the Island south of the City of Tokyo discovered 16 bodies buried in the mudslides. Police and town folk have identified about 45 people that are unaccounted for in the area. Dozens of residential homes were demolished leaving residents without shelter.

It was reported that one woman died after falling into the river and being washed 6 miles downstream to the city of Yokohama. Police continue to attempt to identify bodies and determine who remains missing after the passing of the storm. Media outlets reported two sixth-grade children were missing on the main island of Japan.

The typhoon in Japan caused about 50 people to remain missing and efforts have been exhaustive in identifying washed up bodies. The Fire and Disaster Management Agency has been issuing reports of any missing persons from the main island of Honshu and surrounding areas. The damage to resident establishments has been extensive with more than 300 houses destroyed or badly damage.

Weather reports indicated the typhoon hovered off the Pacific close to Japan and sustained winds of 78 miles per hour. Gusts were reported at 110 miles per hour and then downgraded to a tropical storm easing concerns of officials. Rain continued to fall after the collapse of the major system and during a 24-hour period 30 inches of water came down in the city of Izu Oshima near Tokyo. Yoshiaki Yano, Japan Meteorological Agency, said of the rainfall, “You can’t see anything or hear anything.”

“People on this island are somewhat used to heavy rainstorm, but this typhoon was beyond our imagination,” said Yutaka Sagara, sushi chef; his apartment scarcely escaped being demolished in a mudslide on the east coast of the island.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made statements vowing on an all out effort to rescue missing residents and establish support systems for those that survived the devastation of the storm. Government officials have stressed that restoring the infrastructure and public service of the area will be paramount. Japanese troops were deployed to the region to assist with emergency efforts.

The typhoon in Japan has resorted in 50 missing people and after the down grading of the storm rescue efforts have still not recovered all who were lost. Special rescue units have also been dispatched with rescue dogs to find people. Police units such as the “hyper-rescue” from Tokyo; plan to institute recovery strategies to identify those missing as a result of the storm.

By Thomas Barr

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