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Last month saw the release of the iPhone 5S and the less expensive iPhone 5.  The former is equipped with a finger print sensor, while both run on iOS 7.  However, Apple is a company that never sleeps, the next big thing is always afoot. In this case, that next big thing is the iPad 5. Apple is expected to make a major announcement concerning its release and specifications.

Apple has sent out invitations to members of the press and news agencies for an event to be held Tuesday, October 22.  The shindig will be at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Calif. It’s scheduled to start 1 pm eastern time or 10 am pacific time. The invitation is playful and nonspecific, indicating “we still have a lot to cover.” The invitation does not mention the iPad specifically, but as pictures of the device have been leaked, it is nearly certain the Apple will be addressing its plans for the industry standard in tablets as well as addressing  updates for its line of mini tablets.

In fact, Apple’s  announcement next week is expected to reveal a full size iPad more like its iPad minis. This will include thinner bezzles and a sleak, thinner profile. This is a sign of Apple’s dedication to portability. Pictures indicate it will resemble the iPhone 5S. It will have a space  gray color. From an architecture and design stand point, the tablet is like a cellphone, envisioned as a device you can take anywhere to perform any number of tasks on the fly. Reading, net surfing, and teleconferencing made conveniently accessible and permanently mobile. As for the iPad mini, any announcement is expected to focus on hardware upgrades. ValueWalk states it will have a “retina display with the same number of pixels as the larger iPad.”

The timing of the event also favors the arrival of a new iPad. The tablet market was forced to tighten its belt in the second quarter. According to Businessweek, overall sales dropped by 9.7 percent. This puts total sales at 45.1 million, while sales for the iPad specifically fell from 19.5 million units in the first quarter to 14.6 million in the second. Analysts believe this indicates the consumers are ready to purchase upgraded models.

It should be noted that early financial forecasts indicate the new mini could steal much of the thunder from its bigger brother. Industry analyst, Amit Daryanani, expects the new mini to trounce bigger brother in the holiday months by sales of 2 to 1. This assumes though that Apple doesn’t underestimate demand for the mini and is able to get all units shipped on time. Other analysts caution the mini may not be on the market until late December, while others think the mini’s market potential is overstated.

Apple’s announcement next week is creating major buzz, despite the fact it appears to be practically after the fact.  However, this is indicative of the immense sway holds in the tech market. It isn’t so much that everyone is waiting to see what they’ll announcement. Pffft, we’ve all read the spoilers!  Instead, this is about whether or not Apple will supply consumers with what they want, or if they’ll make a rare misstep.

Written By David Arroyo


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