Jamie Dornan Named the New Christian Grey

Jamie Dornan will be Christian Grey.

Attention, 50 Shades of Grey fans — the new Christian Grey is going to be Calvin Klein model and star of Once Upon a Time, Irish-born actor/model Jamie Dornan! Several sources have confirmed this, including People, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety.

Negotiations to finalize the deal are already in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This past Friday, Dornan tried his hand at acting opposite Billy Magnussen in a screen test, The Hollywood Reporter added.

So far, though many sources have confirmed that Dornan has the role, both the film’s distributor — Focus Films — and the novel’s author, E.L. James, have not commented on the veracity of the sources.

Dornan,31, besides being a former underwear model, was Sheriff Graham for eight episodes during the first season of the ABC fairy tale-based television series Once Upon a Time. He also appeared with actress Gillian Anderson in The Fall, and was one of the stars of the rave-horror flick called, quite aptly and descriptively, The Rave.

Variety was the first magazine to come out and name him as the replacement for Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, who bowed out of the project.

Also, Dornan briefly dated Keira Knightly, though now he is a married man — so there’s not much of a chance that any chemistry which might develop on-screen between him and Dakota will carry on off-screen.

He might be most notable for being in eight episodes of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and starring alongside Gillian Anderson in The Fall. He also appeared in a movie we have regrettably not seen called Beyond The Rave, which is apparently the best type of movie currently being made today, the rave-horror mashup.

One of the producers of 50 Shades of Grey, Michael De Luca, told E! on Monday that, while he couldn’t comment on if a decision had yet been made to cast Dornan as Christian Grey, the role would be cast very soon.

De Luca said that “in a couple of weeks it will be announced and everything will be cool.” If the numerous sources are correct about Jamie Dornan being pegged to be Christian Grey, it looks as if De Luca’s estimate of a “couple of weeks” was beaten by over a week.

Before Jamie Dornan was named to play Christian Grey, other celebrity names who were in contention for the role included Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Scott Eastwood, François Arnaud, Christian Cooke, Luke Bracey, and Billy Magnussen.

Dakota Johnson (actress Melanie Griffith’s daughter), who will play Anastasia Steel in the movie, was consulted beforehand about the selection. It appears as if Jamie Dornan has met her approval, as he is now slated to portray uber-kinky billionaire Christian Grey in the erotic flick. The movie’s director will be Sam Taylor-Johnson.

November 1 is when production on the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey is expected to begin, and, despite the delay in selecting a new Christian Grey, the movie’s release date remains August 1, 2014. Will Jamie Dornan be as good as the fantasies of the ultimate Christian grey is in the minds of the readers of the book? Will he manage to bring both the flair and the kinkiness of the character to life when he appears on the Silver Screen? Leave your comments/opinions below, please, and let me know if you think that Jamie Dornan is a good choice or not, and tell me why!

Written by:  Douglas Cobb


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