Jenna Jameson Pour Some Sugar on Me Not

Jenna Jameson Pour Some Sugar on Me Not

Jenna Jameson, aka Jenna Marie Massoli, has been called the most famous adult entertainer in the world. Which is just another way of saying that she is the most famous porn star in the world. One term just sounds that little bit more professional compared to the raunchy feel of the other. The porn star turned author has already had her debut novel hit the bestseller list and she went to FOX411 on Monday to do some promo for her first novel, Sugar. In essence, Jameson was there, like the song says, to pour some sugar on me…not. Not during the interview at any rate.

The 39 year-old retired porn star’s first literary effort was her memoir. Titled How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale it was published in August 2004. The autobiographical tome had been co-written with Neil Strauss and it shot to the top of The New York Times Best Seller list where it stayed for six weeks. Apparently, Jameson’s first literary effort was mainly written by Strauss.

Jameson’s first erotic fictional novel, Sugar, was co-written with Hope Tarr and was released for publication on Monday Oct. 21. Fox reported that Jameson came into the FOX411 studios 20 minutes late and despite the presence of three handlers, had problems getting on the set. Producers enquired about her health only to be told by Jenna’s rep that she was ready to be interviewed.

The rep explained that his client was tired from a late flight and a late appearance on Bravo. FOX411 reports that the retired porn queen appeared to be disoriented, and could not, allegedly, answer some of the question posed to her. One of which was why women should read her new novel Sugar. Jenna Jameson was there to metaphorically “pour some sugar on me” not able to do so in a coherent manner.

Jameson, 39, seemed disoriented at times, and she had a hard time answering some questions, including why women should read her debut novel. The response from Jenna was rambling, disjointed and confusing. She did manage to impart that the book was “all based on truth.” She also revealed that “there’s a lot of truth in there.”

During the interview, Jenna was asked about the adult entertainment industry and how it might have changed. Again, the retired porn star appeared to be confused and disoriented by the question and her answers were just as rambling. She responded by saying that girls were working, and working hard, but, her time in the industry was different. Jameson ended her response with the revelation that she gotten famous “without having to worry about making money.”

Jameson was also asked about her thoughts on the trend of “celebrity sex tape stars.” Attempting to translate her answer, it appears that she was expressing sadness at the idea of celebrities making the tapes on purpose. Lastly, she was questioned about any words of wisdom for working mothers. Jameson has twins, who are currently five years-old and she has allegedly been in a custody battle for the kids with former husband Tito Ortiz.

In keeping with her shambolic delivery of answers, Jameson responded that working mother’s needed to be a good mom. She also stated that she took care of her babies. Jameson certainly appeared to be either under the influence of medication or illegal substances. Her answers, beside being rambling and disjointed, were slurry and hesitant.

Her rep has stressed that Jenna Jameson had been sober for over seven years and that her inarticulate interview was done to exhaustion only. For whatever the reason, she did not get a chance to really pour some Sugar “on me” or anyone else. It has been over nine years since Jenna had to hit the promotional trail for a book. She is obviously out of practice on the whistle stop publicity train. Perhaps after a bit of rest, FOX411 will give her another chance to talk about her new book.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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