Jonas Brothers Cancel Tour Due To Brotherly Rift or Lack of Ticket Sales?

Jonas Brothers Tour Cancelation

The Jonas Brothers announced on Wednesday that they have scrapped plans for a U.S. Tour that was scheduled to begin tomorrow.  The 19-day tour was set to kick off in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, but due to a brotherly rift and creative differences the plans have changed.

The trio have always been pretty tight, so the announcement is coming as a huge surprise to fans and industry professionals.  Each brother has produced a solo album and yet they still got back together to record their latest album.  Now, all of the sudden, they no longer want to share their toys.  Well, musical instruments.

Spokesman, Jess Derris, has confirmed that there is a rather large rift among the brothers.  Sources say that it’s all about the direction their music is taking.  Their latest album, V, has yet to be released but has produced one of the summer’s most catchiest songs, Pom Poms.  This is also the first album the band has released since 2009 and the first since departing the Disney Company’s Hollywood Records label.  They had been promising fans more mature music and appeared to be all set to deliver.

As recently as this past Tuesday the trio were Tweeting about the kick off by posting a picture of the promotional poster for the Pennsylvania leg of the tour.  Considering the cancellation announcement came the very next day it’s no wonder people are scratching their heads in confusion.

So, this begs the question?  Did anyone see this coming?  Youngest Jonas brother, Nick, has long since expressed interest in producing music, not just making it.  Joe Jonas was recently quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying, “There are days that are tough. You try to relive what what we used to be, but you have to remind yourself that it’s a different music.”  Nothing from oldest brother, Kevin, but considering his wife is expecting their first child later this year you could say that he has his hands full.

During a recent promotional stop in Minnesota on Tuesday Joe was spotted having dinner with the boys’ father, Paul.  Brothers Kevin and Nick were nowhere to be found.

And since no one has mentioned it so far, could the reported rift be a cover story for lack of ticket sales?  Stranger things have happened.  Maybe their fans don’t want to hear a more mature sound. Maybe they are happy with the old bubble gum standards that they are used to.  Change isn’t always good, you know.

Speaking of the fans, they have taken to the airwaves to Tweet and Facebook their grief.  They claim to be heartbroken, unable to cope, asking if this is all a nightmare (seriously?), unable to eat.  You get the picture.  Sigh.  Fan girl problems.

With ticket sale refunds being offered it looks as though there is no way they are going to be getting over themselves any time soon (yeah, I said it).  Come on, Jonas Brothers.  You are brothers!  It says so right there in your name.  Work this out.  Don’t make me call your mother.

By:  Mary Kay Love

The Daily Mail



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