Justin Bieber Fan Spends $100,000 to Capture Youth of Singer

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Justin Bieber


If Kim K’s selfie made celebrity news-watchers go “hmmm,” be prepared for a serious dose of “what?!” Toby Sheldon is an adoring Justin Bieber fan. Sheldon is so enamored with the singer’s success that he decided to take  radical action to show his dedication. Five years and nearly $100,000 later,  Sheldon is much happier with his outlook on life, due to the facial changes he has made. Capturing Bieber’s youth was just the start and it looks like Sheldon has no intention of stopping.

Sheldon enthralls in the changes and looks to make more
Sheldon wanted to capture youth and Bieber was the perfect model for Sheldon’s dream

Who is this Justin Bieber Mega-fan?

Toby Sheldon, 33, is a songwriter who resides in Los Angeles. As Bieber rose to the pinnacle of  fame, Sheldon discovered that his dream was to look like Justin Bieber; and he would go to extreme measures to do so. Sheldon brought along pictures of Bieber whenever he visited his plastic  surgeon – especially as his hair began to thin. To resolve his hair issue, Sheldon’s surgeon charged $8,000 dollars for hair transplants. Sheldon spent another $13,000 dollars to actually lower his hairline and “grow back”  his bangs.

To call Toby  Sheldon one of Justin Bieber’s musical fans is not exactly correct.  Sheldon is a fan of Justin Bieber’s physical features. Sheldon wanted to recapture his youth in semblance of the younger mega-watt star. Once Sheldon completed the Justin Bieber “do,”  he went through a whole series of other procedures:  Botox, Aquamid injections and another $5,000 dollars for eyelid surgery. Most recently the surgically created wonder endured a three-part surgery to change his smile. While Sheldon’s bank account is short nearly $100,000 dollars,  he told the Daily Mail that he does not intend to stop.

Disorder or Created Destiny?

Some commentators have shown disdain for Sheldon and others have said that it sounds like the songwriter has body dysmorphic disorder. In a general sense, BDD could be associated with this case.  While Sheldon has not admitted to suffering from that specific disorder,  he has explained in interviews that he has a phobia about aging. While this may seem to be a somewhat flippant statement, some have remarked that Sheldon’s condition may be closely related to both Gerascophobia and BDD.  Gerascophobia is the fear of growing old and suffering anxiety at even the thought of the onset of old age. As a songwriter, Sheldon seems social enough. While there was not a fully documented, biographical background detailing  his road to look like Justin Bieber, there is enough of a record to substantiate that he lived an otherwise normal social life.

Gerascophobia does not make one want to hide out at home, ashamed or hidden-away from the public gaze and prying eyes – as is often associated with BDD.  Body Dysmorphic Disorder makes people become obsessed with a body part, or with a feature like their hair. The frequent correlation of these two conditions causes one to ponder if Sheldon may suffer from both but  be truly unaware of either.

Age is a thought that regulates  the behaviors of many; as the baby boomers slowly enter their golden years and their children start seeing gray hair and wrinkles. Did Sheldon just decide to slap down the hand of nature and to remove the visible signs of age or does he suffer from something more serious? This will remain a controversial issue as his story continues to gain traction over the next few days.

Justin Bieber Look-Alike or Not?

For those who are curious, the pictures below are of  Toby Sheldon prior to his many surgeries and the other is after his  surgeries. Sheldon has admitted that he reached for the youth factor in his decision and that he does not intend to stop.  Sheldon may come to embrace his new look and to enjoy his life,  rather than spending it on an operating table. What do you think? After five years and $100,000 dollars, does Sheldon look like Justin Bieber?

Toby Sheldon before & after- what do you think?
Toby Sheldon before & after- what do you think?
Did Sheldon capture the hair and smile?
Did Sheldon capture the hair and smile?


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