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Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel: It’s About Art and The Truman Show

Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel: It's All About Art and the Truman Show

Audiences learned a lot about Kanye West when he turned up on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Ultimately, it’s been revealed to be all about art and The Truman Show. But before this startling information the first thing learned was that this was not a participatory prank between Kanye and Kimmel.

Apparently, the whole thing started because the 36 year-old rapper trusted Kimmel and felt betrayed by the skit on his show that featured two child actors portraying Kanye and a BBC Radio One presenter. During this “confession” of Kanye’s he went onto say that he had not even watched the entire skit. He actually stopped watching it in case he got even angrier.

It was also revealed that 45 year-old Kimmel had only seen “snips” of West’s interview. After this information came to light, West replied that he thought that was the case. The two men have mixed socially before the Twitter feud. Kimmel held up a picture that showed a smiling West standing next to Jimmy’s father.

Perhaps the funniest part of the show was not intended to be. At one point Kanye pointed out that egos can get into the way. He then said that “we” took it back to “high school.” The remark, and the implied admission, was that both men had responded in a juvenile manner. Where in fact, it was Ye himself that turned nasty and made quite profane and derogatory remarks about Kimmel. Jimmy on the other hand relied on humor to make his points.

But, in a move eerily similar to Kris Jenner’s on her show, Kimmel said that he felt Kanye was misunderstood and that he wanted people to see the “good side” to Kanye. Amazingly, despite the claims by two disparate people that the Yeezus singer has a good side, West did not go very far to show it.

There were amusing bits to the singer’s appearance on the show such as the reading of Kanye’s deleted tweets, but overall, the interaction between the two felt awkward. Kimmel did get a laugh when he declared that he was not clever enough to think up their feud as a prank, but that his closure of Washington was going well. These two gags were the only really amusing portion of the Kanye West/Jimmy Kimmel reconciliation.

In West’s defence, Kimmel explained that people found it weird that someone would claim to be a genius. He said that people “don’t say that.” West replied that he was both weird and a genius. Despite the good humored edge to the host’s side of the conversation, Kanye stuck to his rambling style of delivery that came across as essentially humorless. Although he did bring up his favorite film, again, The Truman Show if you didn’t know already, and that what he does is art.

In an effort to completely effect a mutual truce between the two men, Kimmel allowed Kanye to talk about himself at great length. In fact he talked for so long that the scheduled musical entertainment got “Matt Damon’d.” Like the prank that Matt Damon and Kimmel ran on the show, there was not enough time for the Arctic Monkeys to perform.

Toward the end of their conversation, and making up, Kimmel congratulated West on baby North and gave the rapper a pair of leather jogging pants. What could have been the perfect moment for Kanye to segue into a proud pappa speech about his daughter, instead spawned a complaint about his inability to break into the fashion industry.

Kimmel did allow the performer a chance to explain himself and his actions. West attempted to clarify that when he said he was the same as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Michelangelo, et al, that he was only really saying that he admired these icons. The implication was that he wanted to be like them. Obviously Kanye should work on his delivery as that message is quite lost when he claims to be Jesus.

Unfortunately Jimmy’s attempt to help Kanye reveal his “good side” was side-railed by the rapper himself. Admonishing everyone to remember that he comes from Chicago and that nobody is safe in his “zoo.” He also vowed to continue slamming and mistreating paparazzi because they do not show him the proper respect.

Since the singer has compared himself to Jesus, he expects genuflection from the paps before they take his picture. That he wants to be taken seriously and seen as a genius was spelt out clearly on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show. His chance to show this mysteriously missing good side was wasted. Although his end “rant” explained that he was all about art, culture and taste, not to mention The Truman Show, and that he should be respected when he walks down the street.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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