Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Feels Desperate

Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Feels Desperate
Kim Kardashian with her latest Twitter campaign, is starting to feel a little desperate. Her carefully selected pose in a swimsuit that looks several sizes too small has not gotten the reality television star the type of attention that she wanted. It is understandable that the image conscious 32 year-old mother of baby North wants to be seen as desirable after having her baby, but, to pose in a swimsuit that exposes her allegedly enhanced bottom and one enhanced sideboob shot, is a little tasteless.

According to the British newspaper the Daily Mail, her fans in the United Kingdom have recoiled in horror at the pinup nature of her Instagram selfie. A story in the paper relates how the picture caused “waves” though the social media world and how many of her fans felt it was entirely inappropriate for a new mother to do. One fan even tweeted that the reality TV star should put on some proper trousers and cover up her nether region.

Considering all the alleged effort that went into the “selfie,” Kim would be upset if she knew just how unpopular her picture was with certain fans. Reportedly, the picture that Kardashian posted was for the benefit of her fella Kanye West. But Hollywood Life has said that they had information showing that apart from the Instagram snap being a surprise for West, he helped Kim pick it.

Apparently, Kim took many different pictures and deleted them all except for the white bikini shot, that Kanye liked. Their Twitter “foreplay” with West tweeting that he was coming right home after seeing the picture was all a cynical set up by the two. While West himself has always denied that he is a celebrity, he has no problem promoting the mother of his child as one.

One carefully selected “spontaneous” Instagram snap.

Placing a phony “spontaneous” Instagram photo on Twitter of Kim Kardashian posing in a tiny swimsuit as part of a campaign to promote her status as some sort of sexy mother figure, feels a tad desperate. Almost as desperate as her ambition to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kanye West has been bending the ear of anyone who will listen, like Jimmy Kimmel’s audience, that his not-so-little Kim needs her own star.

Sadly for her, Kardashian is not, according to the folks who manage the walk of fame, eligible for one. The Hollywood landmark’s spokesperson Ana Martinez explained to the Daily News that reality stars were not a category catered to on the walk. Ouch.

But it could well be that West is making the overtures for Kim Kardashian to make up for his deciding that he does not want to marry the mother of his child. The 36 year-old rapper has been telling all his close friends that he is in no hurry to tie the knot. In fact, the way he tells it, he will not ever marry Kim. He would much rather the they have a “modern relationship.” Whatever that means.

If Kim Kardashian is aware of Kanye’s “long-term” plans, it could explain the desperation behind that too revealing Twitter campaign. If she cannot have a star, or a husband, why not have fans that adore your new “sexy” mommy image, courtesy of the Atkin’s diet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like her fans appreciate Kim’s “enhanced” look.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom