Lady Gaga New Album ARTPOP Tracklist and Release Date Revealed [Video]

Lady Gaga ARTPOP date revealed

Die-hard Lady Gaga fans rejoice! The new Lady Gaga album ARTPOP has a release date and track-list that have been revealed to the public. Those in Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Finland and Australia will be seeing this album on November 8, as for everybody else the album will be available November 11.

ARTPOP is a lengthy 15 tracks long that total for nearly 60 minutes of Gaga induced dance trance. It is said that the album will feature a variety of different sounding elements and styles including J-pop, trap, and complextro. Not everything written for the new album made it onto ARTPOP. When asked about the new tracks Lady Gaga said,i have written like 50 songs.”

Lady Gaga may have her own favorites but when asked about the fan favorites she said, “i don’t know what will rise to top.” Lady Gaga has felt a lot of pressure from fans about the new album, she wrote this about the new album ARTPOP, “everyone needs to keep calm + trust mother, relinquish control of ARTPOP. erase your preconceived notions of my music.”

The official tracklist for ARTPOP looks like this:

  1. Aura”

  2. Venus”

  3. G.U.Y.”

  4. Sexxx Dreams” (Censored versions of the album will note this song as “X Dreams”)

  5. Jewels n’ Drugs” featuring T.I., Too Short and Twista

  6. MANiCURE”

  7. Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly

  8. Artpop”

  9. Swine”

  10. Donatella”

  11. Fashion!”

  12. Mary Jane Holland”

  13. Dope”

  14. Gypsy”

  15. Applause”

ARTPOP will be available physically, digitally, and through an app for iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android. The app version of ARTPOP is set to come with games, bonus music, fashion updates, and videos. ARTPOP will be the third album-app available in mainstream commercial markets. Pre-orders for the album are being accepted and have been since August 12.

Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly so far is the second single to come from the album. It was meant to stand as the promo single for the album but due to the success of the track it was officially named the second single from the album, behind “Applause” which is the first single from ARTPOP. After the quick success of “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly, Lady Gaga gave thanks to her fans via Facebook “Its time to band together + spread the word as 11.11 ARTPOP approaches! Thank u for creating this unexpected turn I feel very blessed today.”

With Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP so close to being released will this track-list be enough to satisfy die-hard fans until the ARTPOP release? If it isn’t enough for you, both officially released tracks from the album “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly and “Applause” can be found in this article. If that still isn’t quite enough for you, Lady Gaga will be performing her single “Venus” Sunday November 5 on “The X Factor.”


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Written By: Garrett Jutte

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