Lady Gaga Strips Naked at G-A-Y Club

Lady Gaga at Gay Club
Lady Gaga bared her butt as she stripped naked to the surprise and astonishment of watching fans, as she performed at the G-A-Y Club on the weekend.  It seems like Lady Gaga has realized that no matter how spectacular and wierded-out her costumes can be, nothing is going to generate more shock and awe than the sight of her in the altogether, wearing nothing at all.  She can cover herself in meat chops, but it’s her own meaty rear that really gets them going gaga.

Lady Gaga had come onto the stage wearing a long white smock dress, and a huge long blonde wig, which, by her standards, was actually pretty demure and virginal.  She was there making a surprise appearance (more of a surprise than fans had been expecting, to be honest) to sing her new song, Venus that goes out on general release today.  Those in the crowd got extra value for money when she dropped the dress and yanked off her knickers before the end of the set, giving everyone in the audience a full frontal view of her Lady-bits.  At the end of her appearance, she waltzed off in the nuddy, in a female entertainer’s version of The Emperor’s New Clothes, that is to say, no clothes at all.

Seeing Lady Gaga stripped naked at the G-A-Y Club was a revelation to spectators, but not enough to persuade some of them to change their persuasions. Among those who leapt onto Twitter and Facebook to record their astonishment was famed British comedian, Matt Lucas, best known for her role alongside David Walliams in the smash show Little Britain.  Lucas sent a tweet which said “Just saw Lady Gaga do a surprise set at G-A-Y” He goes onto use the v word as he describes what he saw and comments “All agreed it was impressive but we’re staying gay.”

Lady Gaga joined in to tweet herself, on a natural high after her stint on stage as a naturalist, and said “Had an amazing night tonight at G-A-Y in London.” She went on to say that she couldn’t wait for X-Factor tomorrow.

Seeing that, the TV executives were doubtless getting nervous about her keeping her panties on when she was live on air in front of millions of viewers. She did manage to restrain herself from getting naked, but in typical Gaga style, she still managed to stir up controversy.   Not quite in bare skin, she still went for a birthday suit look in nude underwear that didn’t leave much to the imagination. If she thought this was suitable for a prime-time family viewing slot, then she was soon to be proven wrong.

Lady Gaga Do What U Want ft. R.Kelly single coverThe self monikered Mother Monster managed to generate a deluge of complaints from her appearance on the X Factor.  Ofcom, the TV watchdog in the UK, received hundred of calls to register strong distaste for everything from her lyrics, to her costume and her routine.  She sang Do What U Want, a song with explicit content, with lines such as “do what you want with my body” as she waggled provocatively and crawled around.  Ofcom are still investigating the complaints before they decide whether or not to take action.

At least there was one person who wasn’t wincing at Lady Gaga.  Judge, Sharon Osbourne, who had a high profile spat with the star lat year, received her in a rapturous hug after the act was over, in a very public making up.  The fall out was started when Gaga criticized Sharon’s daughter Kelly after Kelly in turn, had made remarks about Gaga gaining weight.  Irate Lady Gaga fans had gone so far as to send death threats to Kelly so it was no small incident.  They spat at each other for months, but seeing them hug and kiss on the X Factor, it would seem that the fighting is over.

Mum may have buried the hatchet, but Kelly Osbourne was still fuming and continued to accuse Gaga of stage managing the occasion.  Kelly took to Twiiter to rant and rave. She was especially incensed that Lady Gaga presented Sharon with a birthday cake, and posted a picture of the cake on Instagram with the caption “ #EatMyS**t”#Hypocrisy.”

Whatever Lady Gaga does, unveiling her new song or unveiling her entire body, she cannot help but stir up a storm.  Stripping naked at the G-A-Y Club or appearing half-naked on national television, she continues to present herself as one of the most provocative and talked-about talents on the world stage today.

Written by: Kate Henderson

Daily Mirror

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