Live Longer and Healthier by Gardening

gardening and longer life
gardening and longer life

People aged 60 and older may benefit and live a longer and healthier life by gardening. That’s right, this group may live longer by getting their hands dirty and moving about. Many older people don’t or can’t vigorously exercise at a club on a routine basis. They simply spend too much time on the sofa, which leads to a lifestyle of habits that are unhealthy. We give this inactive lifestyle of being sedentary and watching too much TV a name. It’s called couch potatoes.

The British Journal for Sports Medicine says research performed in Stockholm, Sweden found the elderly are more sedentary than other groups. Simply being active, not even exercising was better than nothing. Doing more means less chances when it comes to heart attacks. This study they looked at was twelve years in length, and what they saw was heart attack and stroke were reduced by more than a 1/4 and death overall by a 1/3.

Older folks who sit risk lowering their metabolic rate, and altering hormones that regulate metabolism. The message is clear, do activities you enjoy and more of them! Whether it is cutting the lawn, cooking, walking or gardening, just do it.

Researchers claim getting out in the garden is just as fine as the workout in the gym, if you want to keep your heart healthy. This also helps people avoid strokes. Residents in Stockholm, over 4,200 of them participated in this study and a general health report was initially obtained. The Swedes used laboratory tests, such as clotting factors(important in clot related strokes and heart attacks), insulin, glucose and cholesterol levels.

The United States of America supports this study in its own guidelines. This is good news for older folks who typically don’t exercise in a facility and tend to be at home more. Getting up, going outside, and moving about is good for the heart and the vascular system.

A sedentary lifestyle is not good for the heart or vascular system, which the heart pumps blood into each and every minute. The older people need to make the heart work, get sweaty or hot and increase the heart rate as well as breathing just a little faster. Move about in your garden, mow your lawn or find hobbies that support activity. Gardening seems like a great place to start as it is right outside your home. Living healthier as you live longer will benefit the individual as well as society.

So get up off the couch and find hobbies where you can move around and enjoy yourself in the process. This is good advice on the conclusion of this study done in Sweden. Activities can also involve other places besides the garden such as fixing up the inside of your home. Possibly the walls need painting or the carpet needs vacuuming, maybe the pet needs walking or the plants need watering. Playing with grandchildren is another great idea.

The muscles in your legs need the movement, like your heart needs a little activity along with the expansion of your lungs, as you move about in the garden or wherever that hobby takes you. You may just live longer and not suffer a heart attack.

Written by Kim Troike





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