Madonna Wants Fans to Revolt

Madonna wants her fans to revolt

Madonna wants her fans to revolt or at least join the revolution. She is asking them to join her new project which began life as #secretprojectrevolution. She later changed the name to Art for Freedom. She has requested that her fans put forward original projects from music, poetry, photography or videos that relate a message. She wants her program to stand up against intolerance, complacency and oppression and she believes that it can be done via art.

The 55 year-old music icon and superstar talked to Anderson Cooper from CNN and she explained what her new project was all about. It is, according to her, a new platform that allows people across the globe to answer one question, “What does freedom mean to you?”

Madonna said that she was pushing for people outside the industry, as well as those who are professional performers, to join her revolution by showing their creativity in expressing their feelings. She revealed that she wants the participants in her Art for Freedom project to get people talking and to “get the party started.”

The performer made her plans public in September this year when she unveiled her new idea. At that time her Art for Freedom initiative was brand new and as the opening paragraph points out, it was originally called #secretprojectrevolution. The new artistic program would be spread across 10 cities that included New York City and Los Angeles.

At that time she showed prospective participants a “call to action” film that she made with Steven Klein a professional photographer based in New York. Vice Media and BitTorrent also helped to make the film.

Madonna spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and conveyed just how passionately she believed in her Art for Freedom project. She also talked of the reasoning behind calling her fans to revolt and join her creatively expressive revolution.

In the interview, she explained how much time she spent setting the program up and the fact that she felt it was so necessary that she invested her own money into it. She also said that she felt she owed it to children, especially hers.

Madonna pointed out the the project was non-profit and not for anyone to financially benefit from it. She told Cooper that they were not out to promote any particular “products” with the project either. In terms of monetary investment in the art program, she said that Steven Klein had also put money up for the creative venture.

The performer spoke of the world’s degeneration and how people have lost consciousness of their fellow man and the lack of empathy today. She feels that the world’s population have become selfish and put their own wants and needs first. But despite this belief of the world not caring, she has faith in the “good of humanity” and she wants people to support one another without some sort of disaster initiating the act of caring.

With her new program she wants the fans who enter into the creative contest to use their art to change “people’s lives.” She also wants her “revolution” to be without branding. According to the legendary performer, branding is just another form of censorship that narrows what sort of message your art can convey.

She pointed out to Anderson Cooper that if famous performers like John Lennon or Picasso, et al, had been controlled by a brand, their music would have lost its purity. She believes in freedom of expression and does not believe in censorship.

So Madonna wants her fans to creatively revolt through an array of creative mediums; professionally and non professionally produced works of art, videos, music or prose. Her Art for Freedom project sounds like a great way for her fans to express what they believe real freedom to be.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom