Man Utd Manager Moyes Struggles over Daughter-Footballer Saga


Man Utd Manager Moyes Struggles over Daughter-Footballer Saga

Since his employment as Manchester United manager, David Moyes struggled with the shadows of Sir Alex Ferguson.  Still, under-fire Moyes insisted he has no doubt the club “picked the right man for the job.” Now he is compelled to battle against his daughter’s love interest and Manchester United’s new signing Wilfried Zaha. Moyes even wants to offer Zaha on loan in January. Truly, the Man Utd manager struggles over his daughter-footballer saga.

United’s troubled start to the Premier League campaign led some to scrutinize his role in player management. Wednesday’s Champions League draw with Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donestsk increased the suspicions. Amid this hue and cry, his 19-year-old daughter Lauren started romancing United’s newly signed winger, 20 yrs old Wilfried Zaha. Zaha was Sir Alex’s last signing before retirement. This former Crystal palace winger looks promising enough but something holds Moyes back from keeping him among the final eleven. Statistics showed David Moyes is yet to show some trust in this new signing.

So, after battling with the shadows of Sir Alex and the team’s poor performance, Moyes also found another opponent to struggle with. Simply, it’s Lauren Moyes, his daughter. In the last 24 hours, the rumors over Lauren’s romance with Zaha have distracted the focus of Manchester United and Moyes. Daddy Moyes now struggles over daughter-footballer romance. The British tabloids published this new romance story with spice. The paparazzo even noticed the couple spending nights together. So, in spite of being promising, Zaha is giving Moyes an irritation. Moyes is reportedly thinking about loaning him out during the winter transfer window. A number of dark horses like Swansea City, West Bromwich Albion, Stoke City Newcastle and even his former club Crystal Palace are running behind him. It might be best for Zaha to go to another club and carry on the romance with Lauren. The saga may continue.

This daughter-footballer saga reached such an extent that both sides declared they are not involved. Lauren simply denied her love life with Wilfred Zaha while Zaha tweeted that these rumors are “Rumors silly. #childish.” Even the footballer’s manager told the British media that Wilfred is no way involved with Lauren.

Lauren caused her  father embarrassment earlier when she asked on twitter why dad couldn’t sign Luis Suarez. It caused quite a controversy and she had to erase the tweet. Now the controversy is perkier. In the Capital One Cup (third tier) match against Liverpool, Moyes advised Zaha to warm up but he didn’t play. Now, it is to be seen whether Wilfried Zaha gets penalized over his relationship with the manager’s daughter. Same wine and new bottle!

On Saturday, Manchester will take on Sunderland and eyes will be eager to see whether Zaha remains in the first line up or is, again, a spectator. If Moyes yet again fails to keep trust in Zaha, the gossip will be intensified over the romance and transfer. Manchester United manager David Moyes will keep on struggling over daughter-footballer saga.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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