Miley Cyrus Making Out with Mike WiLL Made It?

Miley Cyrus
Is Miley listening to advice?

Miley Cyrus just can’t stop making out. Since being spotted at Beacher’s Madhouse with her producer Mike WiLL Made It earlier in the week, she is now tweeting saucy pictures with her legs wrapped around another guy and her trademark tongue hanging out like a red flag. Who is he? Turns out to be her friend Cheyne Thomas, who did not look at all averse to being straddled by the precocious popstar.

To add to the controversial tone of the shot, Cyrus points a derisory finger at the photographer. Both Cyrus and Thomas have fistfuls of dollar bills and they look like they have a wild night ahead of them. Cyrus’ tweet reads, “So it’s true. If you turn the light off and look into a mirror and say #turndown4WHAT 3 times fast shit gets TURNT”

The raunchy little rocker had earlier looked the ladylike picture of poise as she attended the Fashion Group International Gala event, wearing a shimmering green Marc Jacobs mermaid gown. It was almost as if some of the advice from mature counterparts in the music industry had begun to sink in.

Both Sinead O’Connor and Courtney Love have been very vocal lately in their criticisms of the former squeaky-clean Disney princess. As soon as she could though, the recently heartbroken singer was out of that fancy frock, and into some fishnet tights, a carelessly wrapped short skirt and cigarettes in hand, ready to hit the town. And to hit on some male company. She might as well be saying: Liam Hemsworth – suck on that. So what will Mike WiLL Made It make of this latest tweet of her making out?

Eyewitnesses say that Miley, 20, was making out big time with Mike, 24, with some serious snogging going down. This new Public Display of Affection follows on from her album release party for Bangerz when she performed her now familiar grinding gyrations on Mike and nuzzled his neck. If that’s not making out, then what is?

However there is still speculation in the twittersphere that Miley is madly in love with Theo Wenner, after her declaration at the beginning of the week “I love you more today than yesterday but less than I will tomorrow.” Theo, 26, the photographer who took the pictures of her with her top off for Rolling Stone, has been at her side a lot and Miley-watchers are convinced that she is alluding to him in a stream of recent messages.

It seems you can’t let a good girl go bad without an avalanche of opinion from the older and wiser elite. Latest to weigh in on the proclivities of Cyrus to simulate sex with any number of inanimate objects and her inability to keep her tongue in her mouth is Jeffrey Goldberg from Bloomberg News.

Reacting to her lament that “70 year old Jewish men” are “out of touch” with youth culture, and yet control the purse strings, he assembled three learned friends, all Rabbis, to lecture the young lady with some profound quotations. Bloomberg himself, most definitely has tongue in cheek, when he wraps his commentary on a thought on the “licentious misuse of bears” by wryly echoing a Paul Simon line: “Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it’s true”.

Miley Cyrus’  life is certainly as colorful and full of mating activity as any zoo, but the question remains, how much of it is just showing off for the cameras? Mike WiLL Made It is not giving anything away on his own Twitter account, sticking strictly to work related matters. If he has feelings for his protégé after making out with her he is keeping them out of the public arena. With Cyrus’ track record for self-publicity though, if this is the beginning of a new relationship, it will not stay secret for long.

Written by: Kate Henderson

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