Miley Cyrus MTV Halloween Costume a Hit with Celebrities

Miley Cyrus MTV Halloween Costume a Hit with Celebrities.

Right now, if you are a female in Hollywood, a Miley Cyrus MTV Halloween costume is a hit with celebrities who want to be seen as culturally and topically aware. It appears that Cyrus did more than cause a storm of controversy with her MTV VMA performance. She not only made an impression on her fans, and former fans, but she also caught the eye of everyone in tinsel town.

Good time girl Paris Hilton was the first of the “younger” set to dress up in Miley Cyrus’s MTV teddy bear ensemble complete with the double horn hairdo on the top of her head. Hilton wore the eye popping costume to the Hugh Hefner Playboy Mansion where he held a Halloween party for the rich and famous.

Miley Cyrus Costume a Hit with Celebrities
Good time girl Paris Hilton.

“Hef” made sure everyone knew just how topically aware he was by dressing up not as Miley, but her partner in MTV crime Justin Thicke. The 87 year-old Hefner had a set of zebra-striped lounging pajamas made and his wife, 27 year-old Crystal cheated a bit on her Miley Cyrus costume. She opted for the horned hair look with one giant foam finger pointing hand. Crystal did pose with her husband with her rear firmly planted in Hef’s crotch. It was like watching Miley and Justin on MTV all over again. Not.

MIley Cyrus MTV Costume a Hit with Celbrities.
Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal recreate a Thick/Cyrus moment.

Comedienne and show host Joan Rivers also donned a “Miley Halloween costume, though she did lose points on lack of accuracy. Instead of Cyrus’s teddy, the 80 year-old comedienne wisely opted to cover her body, she focussed instead on two giant hair-horns on top of her head; a long fake tongue; and a foam hand with one finger extended with very red nails. She wore a flesh colored “fat-suit” to complete the ensemble. Rivers was not at the Playboy Mansion though, she wore her outfit on her own television show.

Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume a Hit with Celebrities.
Joan Rivers, still topically aware at 80, although her costume looks more Jessica Rabbit than MTV Miley.

It is not surprising that Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMA outfit is a hit with celebrities as a Halloween costume this year. Several websites have made note of the fact that Miley’s outfit was the second most popular search for Halloween costumes this year. So, while the pop star has accomplished her mission of being in the forefront of almost everyone’s thoughts, she has not actually gotten the reaction she was hoping for.

Perhaps Miley can take solace in the irony of who has taken the top Halloween search for costumes. Despicable Me was a Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment animation venture aimed at kids. A lot like Cyrus’ Disney creation Hannah Montanna. Even more ironic is that the search is not for the super-villain Gru from the film, but his minions whom folks want to copy for Halloween. Considering that mothers across America are furious with Miley for sexing up her image, Cyrus could be seen as a minion of Disney, albeit, in Disney’s part, unintentional.

With Halloween still a few days away, paparazzi will be keeping their lenses on the ready to see who else in Hollywood will decide to dress up as “MTV Miley.” As one website opined, it is a shame that Cyrus did not commission someone to make a costume for her to sell. A Cyrus Halloween trick or treat outfit guaranteed to upset parents across the country.

Still, Miley Cyrus must be happy that her MTV costume has been such a hit with celebrities this Halloween. Looking at the search engine results, many of her fans will also be emulating her teddy ensemble on the night. This Halloween will truly be scary, just imagine a night full of “minions” and Miley’s all vying for attention at each step. It is enough to put anyone off the holiday.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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