Miley Cyrus Naked in Future’s Real and True Video


Miley Cyrus must have a phobia of clothing, or believe that she can best express the beauty of the human body by showing her own every opportunity she gets — like in her latest video, Real and True, with rapper Future, from his upcoming album Honest. She’s entirely naked, except for a coat of metallic body paint, to give the video that hot naked alien science fiction feel to it.

That’s right — Miley Cyrus, 20, has taken her naked body to a whole new frontier, space — where can she go from there? What will be the next “final frontier” for her?

If you like your women both naked and covered in body paint, then you will probably love the video Real and True by Future and Miley Cyrus.

Why did Miley Cyrsus agree to appear in Future’s video Real and True?

Future — also known as Astronaut Kid — sings on the emotionally-charged song My Darlin’ on Miley’s latest album, Bangerz. In case you haven’t yet heard, Bangerz has soared straight to the top and is currently number one on the Billboard charts.

Cyrus was asked by Future to be in his video Real and True, so she decided to return the favor by accepting. During their collaborations, they have become good friends, talking over personal information and feelings.

According to Future, whenever Miley opened up about stuff from her personal life to him, he told her she should use those feelings for musical inspiration. He said to her she needed to “embrace your fears,” and that if she was “crying about” something, she needed “to cry till you can’t cry anymore.” He added that if embraced those heartfelt feelings, and put them into her songs, then “the music moves.”

There is a genuine friendship that exists between Miley Cyrus and Future. They talked about subjects like partying, vibing, and money, and personal relationships, like “if the love that you’re with is really true.”

Bangerz is outperforming the success of Miley’s 2010 album, Can’t be Tamed. It has even gotten the favorable attention of many music critics, though she has been roundly criticized by many for the blatant sexuality and sleaziness of some of her performances, like when she twerked and ground her rear end into Robin Thicke’s crotch at the MTV VMAs.

Future had been buds with fellow musician, Drake, but that friendship appears to have cooled somewhat, at least for the moment. However, he seems to have found another friend and singer to collaborate with in Miley Cyrus.

Honest will be Future’s second album. It should hit the stores before the end of the year.

Though Miley is naked in the sci-fi video Real and True, Future is clothed in what looks like maybe a spacesuit.

Tomorrow is when the video for Real and True will be out for the world to see, along with Miley’s naked, paint covered body. Will Miley’s collaboration with Future be a big hit for both of them? If it does as well as anything Miley’s done lately, my guess is that it will be a huge hit, and place Miley’s name on the headlines of entertainment news yet again this year.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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