Miley Cyrus Trick or Tweet And Jenny McCarthy Tongue Action

Miley Cyrus Trick or Treat Twitter And Jenny McCarthy Tongue Action

Miley Cyrus may have outgrown Hannah Montana, but, she hasn’t grown out of Halloween and she proves it with a lot of trick or tweet twitter snaps via Instagram. Miley isn’t the only one who loves the creepy holiday though. Jenny McCarthy has shown that she likes to dress up on the day, she provided a little tongue action, but, not just any tongue, she dressed up as Miley’s extended organ.

Miley Cyrus Twitter Trick or Tweet and Jenny McCarthy's Tongue action
Jenny McCarthy as Miley Cyrus’ tongue. Life size.

McCarthy posed for a Instagram selfie, in keeping up with the Cyrus (and Rihanna) tradition of taking multiple snaps of one’s best assets. The View co-host showed just how funny she can be with her Miley tongue homage and later she  had a photo taken with another  host from The View, Whoopi Goldberg. If you don’t think that Ms McCarthy doesn’t know what scary  and humorous is, just think back to her short appearance in Wes Craven’s Scream 3. Only Jenny could get a laugh from breaking an awards head off  just before being dispatched by good old “scream-face.”

MIley Cyrus trick or tweet with McCarthy tongue action.
Whoopi obviously “gets it.”

Jenny might have won the gong for best Halloween costume ever, but Miley showed she still gets into the spirit of the holiday. Cyrus did her version of trick or tweet along  with McCarthy’s tongue costume action. Although to be honest, Miley’s instagram snaps and Twitter pictures range from the mild to fairly offensive. Readers who are easily shocked should probably ignore the next set of “Twitpics” that Miley so thoughtfully posted for her fans. Although the first one is pretty tame if not a little esoteric.

Miley Cyrus Trick or Tweet and Jenny McCarthy Tongue Action
One of the milder tweets, Miley must be thinking of the beast with two…heads?

Her next tweets increase the  “risque”  factor by  showing just how conscious she is of her sexuality although with that wig, even with the flower covered boob, she looks like a human version of My Little Pony. Still, this is Miley Cyrus we are looking at here, she knows what her fans want and she continues upping the stakes with each new picture. Of course these are not all the pictures that the 20 year-old pop star posted, just a fair representation.

In the flash of a camera bulb, Miley leaves PG-13 behind and heads straight for an R rating. Thankfully, for those easily shocked by this sort of display, the former Hannah Montana opted to keep her clothes on. We wish to thank Miley for her consideration. Nothing could be more disturbing than seeing a naked My Little Pony simulating the sex act. Standing up.

Finally we have the “coup de grace” of Miley’s Twitter gallery of Halloween themed photographs. There are a few more, but, if you want to see every tweeted picture you need to head over to @MileyCyrus on Twitter. Looking at her ultimate “jack-o-lantern” collection, there can be no doubt that, to this pop star, it is all about sex and drugs and sex. A pumpkin with a marijuana leaf carved in it flanked by two sex-act pumpkins. Classic Miley.

So there you have it. The Miley Cyrus trick or tweet-a-thon and Jenny McCarthy providing the Miley tongue action. Not bad for a youngster who has outgrown the childish tradition of begging for candy. It is much more adult to beg for attention via Twitter. Happy Halloween Miley and Jenny. Two “girls” doing it for themselves.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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