Montana Newlywed Pushes Hubby To His Death

Montana Newlywed Pushes Hubby To His Death

A Montana newlywed, married all of eight days, admitted to pushing her new husband off a cliff in Glacier National Park, July 7th, of this year. Jordan Linn Cameron, 22, finally came clean to the FBI after two months of an intensive investigation into her previous claims that she had no idea how her husband had managed to fall to his death. The besotted new groom, Cody Lee Johnson, 25, was found at the bottom of a rugged, steep ravine accessible only by helicopter.

Mr. Johnson was reported missing the following day, July 8th, when he failed to show up for work. Investigators spoke to Ms. Cameron the next day. She did not, at that time, admit her culpability in a crime. But, she spun quite a tale.

The couple had been arguing for days, and Ms. Cameron may have suggested to the hubby she was having second thoughts about the week-old marriage. She told the investigators her husband texted her the night of July 7 that he was going to take a ride with a buddy of his. Ostensibly to get away and do some thinking. Apparently, she was on her way home when she received the text. She arrived home just in time to see a dark blue car pulling out of the driveway. Ms. Cameron said she saw her husband through the passenger seat window.
And that, allegedly, was the last she heard from him

Okay, folks. Those are some of the facts as we know them, up to this point. Yesterday, Ms. Cameron appeared in federal court on a second degree murder charge. No statements have been forthcoming from her attorney, public defender Andrew Nelson. I mean, what can the man say? Right?
*Uh…my client didn’t believe in divorce. So, she opted for her version of annulment. A bit extreme, I grant you, but hey…you’ve got to admire her stance on no divorce.”
I mean, what can you really say? Here you have a woman who after an argument with her husband, shoved him in the back off a cliff to what must have been an incredibly painful death. And what if he didn’t die right away?

Here’s the upshot for me. I take issue with the second degree murder charge. Ms. Cameron had been dating and then engaged to Mr. Johnson for two years prior to their marriage. They get married, and at some point during the eight day marriage, she suddenly has second thoughts about it? I don’t think so. If you don’t know someone well enough after that amount of time, why bother to get hitched at all?
Mr. Johnson, by most accounts, was quite taken with his new bride. A happy-go-lucky “big goofball” who liked to play video games, go four-wheeling and kayaking, he sincerely loved Ms. Cameron. Okay, so a guy who sits in front of his TV playing video games for hours can definitely be annoying to a newlywed wife. I have female friends in their 20’s and 30’s who complain bitterly about the very same thing. But pushing a guy off a cliff just because he’s addicted to Madden NFL and Tomb Raider is off-the-hook nuts.

I have to believe that somewhere in the back of Ms. Cameron’s mind she was thinking of a way to off her hapless, new hubby when they took that fateful walk on the Glacier National Park Loop Trail the night of July 7th. A steep out-of-the-way ravine was just the ticket. And voila, Mr. Johnson takes the ultimate fall. They had hiked that trail together many, many times. She knew the terrain, she knew it could be a long time, if ever, that the body would be found.

This is only conjecture on my part. But I’m betting the prosecution may ultimately conclude prior to trial that Ms. Cameron murdered her husband with “malice aforethought”, or what’s known as premeditated murder. That is a first degree murder felony. The only extenuating circumstances would be the “argument” they were having at the time of Mr. Johnson’s death.
Yet, I’m stumped as to why Ms. Cameron actually told a Glacier park ranger that she, herself, had found Mr. Johnson’s body in that remote ravine on July 9th. How could she have possibly known where to find him? Unless she already knew. The park ranger was understandably skeptical, and that may have been the impetus that led the FBI to investigate her as thoroughly as they did.
It was only a matter of time before the FBI pieced together the text message evidence, all the interviews they did with Mr. Johnson’s family and friends, and Ms. Cameron’s own “aloof” and cold attitudes with his family and other acquaintances to make their case.

Of course, she finally did admit she pushed her husband off that cliff. Icing on the cake for the Feds.
That she “confessed” will probably mitigate a first degree felony charge. Perhaps, Mr. Nelson, her attorney, will wangle a plea arrangement with the Feds on second degree murder. She’ll get 20-40 years and, with time off for good behavior, be paroled after 15 years. She’ll be 37 or so. Enough time to remarry.
There’s a happy thought.

I will be disappointed if that’s what actually happens. I truly think she knew exactly what she was doing. How could she not?
In any case, watch out, eligible Montana males. Jordan Linn Cameron will be looking to make up for lost time, if and when she gets out of prison. My advice? If you go out with her, don’t go hiking. Better yet…go cow-tipping. It’s much more fun, and definitely a lot safer. And, besides, it’s Montana for crying out loud.

Written By: Daniel Martine

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