NFL Week 5 Pre-Game Report – Part 1


Sit back, crack open an effervescent peace juice to compliment your tofu sandwich and let’s get enlightened on the future of NFL Week 5, part one, shall we?

Here is the line up, the team’s quarterbacks and some info you didn’t know you wanted to know about this weekends teams and some you did.

1. Patriots vs. Bengals :

Tom Brady’s Patriots Quarterback versus Andy Dalton QB for the Bengals.  These two teams meet head to head in Cincinnati, Ohio at Paul Brown Stadium.  So, get ready Cincinnati for a bustling weekend full of fans and cheer as the luck of the New moon bring these two teams together to play.  Patriots are undefeated thus far.  Who will take it home?  Let’s take a look at the quarterbacks of these two teams and how they carry their teams, respectively.

Tom Brady

Andy Dalton


Tom Brady of the Patriots has been well loved by the camera and media alike.  He doesn’t mind posing for his fans and has one of the best looking wives in the NFL, according to some.  Here is a bit of Tom wisdom to take into your weekend:  “Too often in life, something happens and we blame other people for us not being happy or satisfied or fulfilled. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make the choice to accept people or situations or to not accept situations.”

Sounds like Brady takes his own advice, leading the Patriots into consecutive wins this year.  Andy Dalton, on the other hand, doesn’t attract quite the media attention as his rival quarterback.  Nicknamed The Red Rifle due to his loud red hair, this quarterback hit a 78% completion percentage on passes earlier this month,  his career high.  According to Mike Tanier of Sports on Earth Andy is the 16th best quarterback in the world, which is apparently pretty good in any realm – let’s see how far that takes him this weekend against the Patriots.

2. Lions vs. Packers

The Detroit Lions take on the Green Bay Packers on Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin this weekend.  Quarterbacks Matthew Stafford for the Lions and Aaron Rodgers for the Packers will lead their teams onto the field.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers
Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford


What’s so special about these two quarterbacks and what they have to offer their teams?  Well, for one thing, Matthew Stafford has been noticed for getting rid of that ball faster than any other quarterback on the field these days.  He is quick – with an average of 2.24 seconds upon receiving it – he’s got that baby out of his hands.  It’s like a hot potato!  As for Aaron Rodgers, he’s quite a passer as well, posting in his first five seasons of play 21,332 passing yards, a record for the NFL.

Here’s an interesting fact I bet you didn’t know.  According to Rodger’s food horoscope, his body type does best with foods high in Vitamin C such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, garlic, leeks and kiwi.  His frame loves the outdoors and doesn’t thrive well on fast foods.  Looks like he’s in the right profession.  If you are anything like Rodgers, or you want to be, maybe you want to follow suit!

3.  Seahawks vs. Colts

Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks and Andrew Luck with Indianapolis Colts go head to head this weekend in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.  The Seahawks hold one more win this year than the Colts, but both teams are hot.  Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, may be the shortest in the league, but he has used words of discouragement from his past to spur him into action to perform his best.  Andrew Luck is praised for his mobility on the field, up there with Terelle Pryor of Oakland and Colin Kaepernick of San Francisco.  Usually short guys are known for their speed as well.  Let’s see how these two guys do in a face-off.

Russell Wilson
Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck











4. Ravens vs. Dolphins:

The Baltimore Ravens meet the Miami Dolphins on Sunday in Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida.  The sunny state will host the Ravens with an expected chance of thunderstorms as the hotter Dolphins go head to head with the cooler team from the north.  Thunderstorms are exactly what happen when the cold air hits the warm air in the sky and these two teams are going to play the “as above so below” card on the field this weekend with their respective home field vibrations and season successes.  Quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor with the Ravens and Ryan Tannehill of Miami will get an opportunity to mix it up on the field as the thunder rolls.

Ryan Tannehill
NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at North Carolina State
Tyrod Taylor












5. Saints vs. Bears

The New Orlean Saints battle it out with the Chicago Bears in Illinois for game 5.  Both teams are showing up with a strong record thus far this year.  The Saints are as yet undefeated, though the Bears are not far behind with only one loss this season. Quarterbacks Drew Brees and Jack Cutler are the representatives for this big game.  What have they to offer their respected teams?

Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler


Drew Brees
Drew Brees


Well, Jack Cutler, born in the little town of Santa Claus, IN, is attempting to repair his public image.  (I wonder if he really has an elf-complex?)  The question of the day is whether or not his contract should be extended.  The answer to this remains to be seen as the season continues. The last game played by Cutler against the Lions was not his greatest, though the preceding three games held good weight for him.

As for Drew Brees, father of three boys, he has a lot of experience bringing the game home.  The last game they played against the Dolphins showed great skills from this one of a kind quarterback with nine different receivers at the other end of 30 completions.  Way to go Brees!  For this Capricorn it is recommended to cut back on the spicy foods and up the protein.  He must already know this because he is on fire!

6. Eagles vs. Giants

The Philadelphia Eagles play the New York Giants Sunday at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.  Matt Barkley of the Eagles and Eli Manning of the Giants will make their appearance in what some might call one of the less exciting games of the weekend.  With both teams trailing in wins, this game will merely determine whether its worth continuing to be a fan this season or not.  The Giants have yet to win a game and the Eagles have only one under their belt.

matt barkley
Matt BarkleyEli Manning


Matt Barkley plays acoustic guitar with a Christian music group.  So, if nothing else, he can sing songs about the games no matter which way they go.  Born in Newport beach, California, it is likely quite an adjustment to be on the other side of the country weathering cooler temperatures.  He has spent a Christmas in South Africa helping with an orphanage, so all the tangled players he gets to come into contact with throughout his experience in the NFL has probably loosed some compassion in him for the game.  What do all these rough and tumble men do with so much money?

Eli Manning is ranked 29th in the Quarterback rating in the NFL this year. He is throwing pretty well, only 9th behind other starting QB’s in the league.  He says he is just gonna keep doing what he’s been doing and see where that takes them come Sunday against the Eagles.  He seems confident and calm, both great attributes for a quarterback that has some catching up to do.  No reason to worry it out.  Perhaps some visualization techniques would help.

All around the board it’s looking like an exciting NFL weekend here in week 5, stay tuned for part 2 of the line up.  This is just one angle of your weekend pre-game report.  Over and out.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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