NFL Week 6:Injuries, Info, Halftime Scores

Week 6 reports on injuries for Week 6.

Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch is questionable with hip injuries and a non-injury related issue. He is scheduled to start today against the Tennessee Titans.

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski  has not been cleared to play against the New Orleans Saints today. No word on exactly when Gronk will return, but Pats’ owner Robert Kraft says the organization is behind his rehab efforts.

Buffalo Bills’  C. J. Spiller is questionable with an ankle injury. Stevie Johnson is inactive due to a lingering back injury and he is dealing with “a personal matter”

Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson is active today, saying the knee feels good.

Minnesota Vikings Adrian Petersen will play today, despite the recent death of his son, saying ,“God wants good to come from this.” Newly signed quarterback Josh Freeman is inactive, reportedly needing another week to learn the Vikings’ playbook.

Houston Texans Andre Johnson is active after a shin injury, reporting the swelling has gone down.

Philadelphia Eagles’, quarterback  Michael Vick is active but expected to play only in an emergency capacity due to a hamstring injury. Backup Nick Foles is starting.  Foles is backed up by third string Matt Barkley.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Johnathan Banks is cleared to play. Health officials and team doctors have cleared the facility and Banks’ MRSA infection “does not pose a risk” of infecting other players. Also, Mike Williams is inactive and missed practice Friday with a hamstring injury.

Cincinnati Bengals pass rusher Michael Johnson was out due to concussion, and cornerback Leon Hall has a hamstring issue but both are reported active today against the Bills.

New York Jets’ Antonio Cromartie had a knee injury but is active today and “good to go” per NFL Media’s Randy Moss

An Oakland Raider source told NFL Media’s Stacy dales that running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings are active today. Both had hamstring injuries, However, linebacker Kakuka Maiva is inactive. No injury information is detailed at this time.

Kansas City Chiefs’ corner back Brandon Flowers is inactive with a knee injury. Reports indicate he was hurt during Friday’s practice.

Baltimore Raven’s receiver Jacoby Jones is inactive with a knee injury. This is the first time Jones has missed a game since the Ravens’ season opener.

In other news:

The NFL Players Association wants the league to begin a joint investigation into the suspected leak of former Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman’s personal information. reports the NFLPA has come across information that points to Bucs coach Greg Schiano as the source of the leak that stated Freeman was involved in the NFL’s substance abuse program. Freeman denied this, stating he “never took illegal drugs” and the source of the positive result may have been a due to a switch in his ADHD medication. Freeman apparently did not report this change to the league but reportedly voluntarily submitted to retesting when the test came back positive.

When the matter first came to light a few weeks ago, Schiano stated he was “absolutely not”  the source of the leak,is “comfortable” with his conduct.

Current scores:

Packers 3, Ravens 0, going into halftime

Bengals  17, Bills 10, 3rd quarter

Lions 7, Browns 14, going into halftime

Rams 17, Texans 6, 3rd quarter

Raiders 7, Cheifs 7, second quarter

Panthers 14, Vikings ,halftime

Steelers 9, Jets 6 going into halftime

Eagles 14, Bucs 17, going into halftime.


Written by: Brandi Tasby

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