Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis to Become Parents

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis to Become ParentsOlivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have announced some happy news.  A little one is on the way for the couple who have been together for two years.  The soon to be parents are engaged to be married, but things do not always go in order these days.  The pair has formed a solid union with their love and are very excited to welcome a new member to their family.  Olivia and Jason plan to become parents sometime next spring.

Olivia, age 29, met Jason on the set of Saturday Night Live two years ago, and the two of them have been all smiles ever since.  Both previously married, sparks flew and they each knew this time was right.  Timing is everything, so they say, so a baby is a welcome addition to their established happiness.

The couple have a lot in common with Irish roots and their sense of humor.  Olivia was first recognized as an actress for her role in The OC.  She has a string of TV and movie credits including House and Tron.  Jason, age 38, is the talented funnyman who has been a writer and star for years on SNL.  Also appearing on 30 Rock,  he is a voice actor and comedian, but quite serious when it comes to love.  Jason branched into movies with his characters in Horrible Bosses and We’re The Millers.  Dedicated to their work in show business, the couple have obviously had enough alone time to produce the next hit.

Olivia Wilde and Jason SudeikisEngaged since January of 2013, time will tell if a marriage will take place before or after the birth of the new baby.  If and when it happens, Irish traditions will surely play a huge part in the ceremony.  Jason, who is the nephew of George Wendt, Norm of Cheers, is of Irish descent.  Olivia studied in Ireland and also holds dual citizenship from the United States and Ireland.  Tying the knot is a tradition celebrated in most Irish weddings as a symbol of unity.  A colorful ribbon, cord or rope is loosely wrapped around the bride and groom’s joined hands as a part of the wedding ceremony.  A horse shoe, another sign of good luck, is incorporated into the wedding as well, usually as a small trinket in the bride’s bouquet.

Olivia’s upbringing was full of journalists, including her parents, grandfather and other relatives.  She has developed a wise eye, discerning spirit and is a careful thinker because of it.  She surely knows what she wants and is most happy with Jason.  Raising a child together is a natural step for the good looking duo.

Choosing the right name for the bundle of joy will surely come into play as the months draw near for the awaited arrival.  The Wilde child will also be expected to be a Kansas Jayhawks fan, if dad has a say in the matter.  Jason and Olivia have been pictured together at many of the sporting events.  Whether the little one is a boy or girl, they are sure to be loved with a good dose of wit and humor.


Written By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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