Paul McCartney Surprises Londoners With “Pop-Up” Concert in Covent Garden [Video]

Paul McCartney surprises Londoners with concerts
Paul McCartney has been performing a series of surprise, “pop-up” gigs, at the behest of his young daughter, Stella McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney’s career is still going strong, transitioning from one major musical success to another. Starting out his melodic path in the Beatles during the latter part of 1960, he later branched out to form Wings, before carving out his own solo endeavors.

The McCartney legacy has managed to endure over the years with good reason – the man’s work ethic and dedication to music surpasses that of most of his peers. During the 1990s, the former Beatles star ventured into unknown territory, as he began collaborating with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society and released a number of acoustic-only tracks. All the meanwhile, McCartney continued to tour the world and churned out a number of fast-selling albums and experimental music pieces.

To this day, McCartney keeps his finger on the musical pulse, consistently clocking in a number of performances at high profile events. In recent days, McCartney has been on the promotion trail once more, generating hype for his latest album, New. However, taking many by surprise, the idol has elected to participate in several ingenious “pop-up” concerts, in Times Square and Covent Garden.

Covent Garden Gig

Most recently, McCartney delivered an impromptu performance in London, United Kingdom. At Covent Garden, the illustrious singer welcomed a bustling crowd of fans from a truck parked on the piazza. According to BBC News, the Liverpool-born showman spoke a few words, before kicking off the proceedings:

“We’re just going to do some songs from our new album so get your phones out… As if they weren’t already.”

Before the event, McCartney took to Twitter, excitedly alluding to his intentions:

“I’m getting ready to pop up in Covent Garden… Oh baby!”

True to his word, Macca began pumping out a number of tunes from his latest album. First off the bat, he sang his recently released track, also entitled New.

The 71-year-old singer pressed on with his gig, which lasted for approximately 20 minutes, performing a number of additional songs, including Save Us, Everybody Out There and Queenie Eye. McCartney concluded the ad hoc event by performing a reprisal of New, before thanking the attendees for listening.

The reception to McCartney’s short show was generally positive, with a great many international travelers delighted by the spectacle. Some followers, on the other hand, articulated their disappointment with the event’s limited duration.

Times Square Performance

As part of an innovative series of publicity stunts, as recommended by Paul’s daughters, Stella McCartney, the singer also made a similar appearance in New York’s busy Times Square. Likewise, on this occasion, McCartney was unable to contain his excitement, posting the details of his gig, and its venue, through his Twitter account.

“Wow! Really excited to be playing New York Times Square at 1pm this afternoon!”

A large crowd had already started to amass around the makeshift stage, situated at the heart of Midtown Manhattan’s world renowned commercial intersection, as frenzied preparations were underway. Some members of the congregation were evidently McCartney fans, whilst other bypassing pedestrians were keen to fathom the exact cause of the commotion.

At around 1 p.m., McCartney emerged, stirring rapturous applause from his adoring fans. Taking to the stage, which was essentially a gutted truck, replete with an array of musical instruments, he positioned himself in front of a somewhat psychedelic, multicolored piano.

The singer then began to perform renditions of the afore-mentioned tracks. Throughout the performance, he looked entirely at ease performing in front of the electrified crowd, taking his time to engage with his devotees. “I’ll be putting a little hat out here, later. We’re basically busking,” he jested.

McCartney will be keeping busy, conducting a number of radio and television interviews, and is slated to appear on The Graham Norton Show in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, we eagerly await further “pop-up” concerts from the musician. Paul McCartney, once again, proves he can roll with the times. His latest album was released on Monday, with early reception proving a little disappointing, since the album failed to enter the top ten on the digital downloads chart.

By: James Fenner

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