Pets Are Dressed to the Nines

pets dressed to the ninesFido and Fluffy sure look adorable in their cute little outfits, but they may beg to differ when it comes to dressing up.  Halloween is right around the corner and the perfect time to suit up your critter in style.  Whether it comes to the holidays, parades or contests, pets are dressed to the nines, but have no choice in the matter.  Man’s best friend has become a toy dress-up doll much for the owner’s satisfaction and giggles.  While most would agree it is amusing, the canine patiently is groomed and gussied up with hopes of a treat for their obedience.  The fancy feline most likely frowns at being the cat’s meow.

The variety of costumes have been well documented through photos and are rather hilarious.  Starting with fancy collars, bows and ribbons were added, followed by bandanas, sweaters and ponchos.  Pets have become fashion experiments in some circles and are met with fierce competition by the critter down the street in the annual pet contest.  Most animal lovers would agree that their pets have feelings and emotions, but are quick to ignore the embarrassment and humiliation that likely come with the adornment the pooch must bare.

It is simply so entertaining, and truly a man-made phenomena.  Is it necessary or just for human enjoyment?  Pets were created for our companionship and can be trained to do tricks.  They are part of the family, so why not have them wear clothes.  Dogs probably win best in show for their wardrobe, but cats play along as they chalk up the feat as one of their nine lives.  Pets are dressed to the nines as cheerleaders and football players for the big game and often don a tux and tie to play ring bearer.  There is no real harm is dressing up your pet if the pooch and pussy cat allow.  However, keeping the outfit loose and free of choking hazards, such as buttons and strings, needs to be considered.

dressed up dogs Pet grooming is big business and provides both the owner and pet a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.  Different shapes and styles of shaving and cutting the fur to mimic other wildlife has also become an option.  Taking it a step further by dyeing the pet’s fur has become a new trend, allowing the domestic dog to become a tame tiger or panda.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the pet of your dreams.

Cesar Millan, better known as The Dog Whisperer, has said it is a bad idea to dye the pet’s fur.  The animal expert warns pet owners of the danger of toxins contained in dye and the chemical burns that can result.  Nausea, respiratory problems and other illnesses can occur if the pet’s fur is dyed.  Hair dye was designed for humans and has resulted in serious side effects in some, so it seems more likely the pet could suffer with much worse, if their whole body is tinted from head to toe.

far fetched Pets are fun to have around and dressing them up to the nines is good for a laugh and a great photo-op.  Doing it with care and consideration is the best plan.  At the end of the day, the pooch or feline might just want to curl up on the couch stark naked.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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