Prescription Drugs Versus Juicing: The Ugly Truth

Juicing- Nature's medicine cabinet. Side-effects free.

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Prescription drugs: it is a source of immediate relief or so millions of people think. A pain starts, may it be in the face of weight gain or blood pressure – a doctor is sought. Study after study has shown over 70 percent of Americans take, at least, one form of prescription medicine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a significant increase from 2007 and up. Over 20 percent of Americans take five or more daily prescription drugs. This leads to a nightmare of continuous dependency that only weakens the ability to function normally. When it comes to the level of prescription drug use in this country? It appears as a nation addicted to a form and a pharmacy. Is there a way to break from this pharmaceutical train? Yes. Enter the ideology of juicing for health.

Prescription drugs remain on the rise
Prescription drugs remain on the rise
Lisinopril comes with a bevy of side-effects
Lisinopril comes with a bevy of side-effects

Prescription Drugs: The Ugly Truth

Blood pressure control pill Lisinopril brings with it a host of dizzying side effects which include: blurred vision, sweating, weakness or extreme exhaustion, confusion, headaches, jaw pain, vomiting, hypertension, renal side effects and possible effects against the nervous system. This list did not include the additional 12+ side effects mentioned.

Once the prescription drug is issued, a side effect can create a need for what? Another prescription naturally. Or a change in dosage to a lesser level which may not be effective for the patient, resulting in more tests to determine what medicine would be compatible. This ugly truth of poking, prodding and prescribing is almost a sickening trend in the industry of prescription drugs.

The Blood Pressure Solution

Nitrate in beet root is a leading benefit to reduce blood pressure
Nitrate in beet root is a leading benefit to reduce blood pressure

Nature has an array of powerful fighters to manage high blood pressure. It requires a strict adherence to its regiment, much like a prescription drug minus the side effects. Beet root, spinach, carrots and ginger are wonders for beating down the likes of high blood pressure. Of course, no one is expected to sit down and consume these items as tasty morsels of delight. Society has not been trained to embrace the colorful embrace of nature’s healing elixirs.

For less than $30 a consumer can purchase a blender and for under $200 a consumer can purchase a quality juicer. A blender is of course a best suggestion for those who are on a tight budget. How can these choices of vegetables release the pain of high blood pressure? In a blender cut up one whole carrot, a handful of fresh spinach, a quarter of beet root and a touch of fresh ginger. Add in an eight or 16-ounce of water, add ice and cover. Blend on high for three minute, pour through a strainer into a cup or pouring bowl. Use the pulp for dinner (cook with chicken) or toss.

By merely adding juicing to the equation of a daily, healthy lifestyle – powerful waves of change can overcome the pain and frustration of health ailments. This requires the same dedication of popping a daily pill to overcome pain with a huge benefit rather than a list of side effects.

Belviq's common side effects include comas and depression...say what?!
Belviq’s common side effects include comas and depression…say what?!

The Weight Loss Solution

The multi-billion dollar industry is almost sickening! To review the promises of quick weight-loss without dieting and exercising? If this were true, surely America would not be overcome with the obesity epidemic. Certainly, there are health conditions that attribute to the overall weight gain for many. Further yet is the sprouting of the fast-food industry, encompassing the minds of millions for a quick and fat-filled meal.

Lemons, Kale and more can do wonders to suppress appetite and boost energy
Lemons, Kale and more can do wonders to suppress appetite and boost energy

Some doctors have started prescribing Belviq to conquer obesity. The oral tablet is intended to quell the appetite and suppress urges. With this prescription, the ugly truth of side effects is read: cold sweats, coma, depression, ear congestion, headaches, confusion, bloody urine, breathing difficulty, seizures, nausea (and a prolonged list of over 30+ more side effects). These immediate side effects are also the most common side effects, how frightening!

No one person wants to sit down and eat the roughage, greens and fruit needed to balance the body’s hormones and mental stability. With juicing, a person can sit down with their chicken breast, brown rice and a nice cup of juicing deliciousness. Adding lemon to a juice suppresses urges, apples provide a filling side-effect, kale provides the best nutrients with a feeling of being full due to its fiber content. In a blender or juicer toss in: one green apple, half of a cucumber, a quarter of lemon, a handful of kale and maybe even some lime to bring that zesty touch.

The Method to Success

This article will never suggest individuals to dump their medications, but it is a good idea to start implementing good habits like juicing to reduce the need of medications, to cutting it out completely. By incorporating just two to three juices daily with smaller meals, a person will feel better in under a week. Juicing is truly a healthy staple that should be planned into the daily regiment.

Prescription drugs versus juicing reveals an ugly truth. America is over-medicated, there has to be a level of alternative options when it comes to common ailments that are being ruled by a prescription. There are stories atop of stories attributing juicing as a pure success. Certainly, many will state it is better to eat the whole fruit and vegetable and they are correct! The common factor of that knowledge is not working for millions as the idea of sitting down to consume the amount needed is off-putting. Juicing takes away the guess work in less than five minutes by chugging down a mug of nature’s medicine cabinet. In just about a week a person will start understanding how juicing can truly work wonders. What are some of your juicing recipes?


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