Prince William’s Own African Queen

Prince William's Own African Queen

In an emotional and moving documentary to be aired this Sunday on CNN Prince William opens up about his deep love and commitment to conservation issues, how fatherhood has changed him, and his impromptu proposal to Kate. New Father, New Hope is a revealing and intimate portrait of the less showy of the two princes, who nevertheless, admits he has a jocular side to him.

With charming candor, this very modern young Prince reveals his true personality, a “sort of slightly immature, silly person” who takes solace, in times of stress, from the hundreds of images of wildlife he keeps on his phone. Looking at a picture of a buffalo, or a cricket, he says “ takes you back instantly to the (African) bush. And it does completely settle me down. It’s escaping to a kind of different world where I am who I normally am anyway”.

TUSK, the conservation charity, was the first to which the Prince gave his Patronage, while still a student at St Andrews University. It remains extremely close to his heart. Indeed, the couple’s first public appearance after the birth of Prince George will be at the TUSK conservation awards in London on September 11th, reiterating, once again, how dedicated he is to this cause. Footage of the event will be featured in the film. TUSK was not a well known nor a “big-name” charity when the Prince came on board, and its founder, Charlie Mayhew, remains deeply honored to this day that William chose to support their work.

William owes his passion to Africa to his mother, Diana, who instilled in him at a young age, a lifelong love for the country. He fully intends to do the same for his own son, but says, “I think as soon as George grows up a little bit. I will be hung if I go now…It’s definitely a plan of mine to go back to Africa. I will always have Africa as a special place that I love to go back to”

No doubt his lovely wife will agree, as it was in Kenya in 2010 that her handsome prince asked her to marry him. Whilst he had obviously thought far enough ahead to have the ring with him, he feels he did not consciously plan the moment “ I didn’t really plan it that far in advance, like I just knew I wanted to be comfortable where I did it and I wanted it to mean something, other than just the act of getting engaged”. The romantic royal goes on to explain, “She understands what it means to me being in Africa, and my love of conservation”

Becoming parents is still a new experience for William and for Kate but already he has reflected on his change in perception: “ Suddenly you start thinking of like, wow, there is stuff you want to safeguard for the future. I’ve always believed it, but to actually really feel it as well, it’s coming through powerfully now as well”.

Just as the interview with this couple on the announcement of their engagement was refreshingly unstilted, realistic and unreserved, so too this fresh insight to the 2nd in line to the Throne will endear him to millions.

Written By: Kate Henderson

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