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Psychics More Popular Now than Ever

Psychics more popular than ever

With Halloween so close at hand, people are looking more at the paranormal side of life and it has come to light that psychics are more popular with the masses now than ever before.  Where they use to be feared and were burnt at the stake as witches, in more recent times, the very idea of psychics has evolved into something more normal . Now many people go to them to get everyday advice, and even help if they are worried about something. It is not just about trying to get in contact with deceased relatives anymore .

Although it is true that many individuals still go to psychics to try and get some relief when they lose someone they love, the sessions can range from attempting to get advice about a possible job,  to seeing if they should get married to their current partner or not.

Psychics are also being asked to put their powers to use for somber reasons, so now their services are sometimes wanted by police to help possibly find missing individuals or even aid in solving a murder.

The United States had been doing this for quite a while now even though it may not be admitted. Numerous police forces that are stationed in some of the largest cities have gotten psychics to help them try and solve cases. Many times psychics have aided in helping investigators discover where murder victims might be located. They may also be asked to use their talents to help solve murder cases, or even to find the ones who are believed to be guilty of the crimes.

It seems that psychics have definitely made a name for themselves in a good way, and now are proving to be extremely useful in important subjects.

When one psychic, Mary Silvernail was asked what questions she gets asked the most, she stated that the biggest question used to be about love. Now that it seemed to be more to do with money. She said she has always been a psychic and that she has never seen people wanting to know about money so much.

The majority of people usually rely on the economy itself for any signs of good or bad times on the horizon, while some turn to another type of analyst, one who may read a palm, make up an astrology chart, or go through a tarot card deck.

People want to know about their jobs, explained Elizabeth Edith, a professional psychic and medium.

Lisa Green, who is a palm reader and does tarot cards, lives in Manhattan agreed. She said that people want to know about what their financial future is going to be like.

A lot of clients are wanting to see if the job they currently have is secure and going anywhere, or should they go somewhere else to gain work, Silvernail added. Those that are out of work want to know where they can go to get a new job. She also explained that she can help sometimes and others she cannot.

It depends on the person.  I can tell someone where he or she should be going to look, Silvernail said. But  I may be blocked or the person is and I cannot tell them anything  is ready to open up for them at the moment.

Psychics say that individuals’ homes are a big worry as well. Many people want to know about moving and if their houses would sell, Silvernail explained

Edith has been a psychic for 20 years. She explained that she was born with a veil of skin over her head, that her mother kept, and she realized she had special psychic gifts when she was only 8-years-old.

People want to know if this is a good time to begin their own business or possibly make an investment. Even if the signs show promise, she said, she advises patience because the way the economy is right now, things are going to take time.

Jobs are that great for psychics themselves at the moment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that psychics, palm readers, and astrologers are less and less.

Green mentioned that her personal business had been growing as of late but refused to speak of the future she sees. She said that she was not in the mood to talk about it.

Edith and Silvernail both were glad to share their personal economic forecasts.

The stars will be in a Grand Cardinal Cross for over the next year, Silvernail said, so people will feel like they are boxed in and do not know how to get out

Edith was a bit more positive with her outlook. She stated that the stock market would not have any growth in the near future, But it will come back and that it just took time.

She felt the U.S. economy was starting to get better, that everyone was entering a positive cycle now and that things should start turning around in the New Year.

That was most definitely one prediction everyone hopes comes to pass.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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