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Rihanna Twitter Monitored by Thai Police

Rihanna Twitter Monitored by Thai Police
Rihanna might just be made an honorary police officer after her tweets resulted in arrests she tweeted about two separate via the her Twitter feed. It seems that after an Instagram photo of her cuddling with a slow loris led Thai law enforcement officials to animal smugglers in September, her Twitter account has been monitored by the Thai police.

Considering that Rihanna’s R & R break from her Diamonds World tour has helped the local law twice, the singer may find her invitations to various venues dry up. Or at the very least, some doors that were open may now be firmly closed when the 25 year-old performer comes knocking.

The singer’s preoccupation with tweeting her every move to fans has lead the local authorities to keep a close eye on her “hijinks” while visiting. She did not send any pictures of the “lewd” sex show she tweeted about from Phuket, but her description was more than enough to send cops around to arrest the club owner for violating local laws.

The first “Twitter-related” arrest came from a photo that she took earlier in September this year. Her “cute” picture resulted in the arrest of two locals, a 20 year-old man and his 16 year-old assistant. The two poachers/smugglers had two of the endangered species in captivity. It is common for smugglers to offer photo opportunities with local animals to tourists. But according to Thai authorities these offenders have “touts” who help the criminals evade capture.

Rihanna’s monitored Twitter account by the local Thai police began after her September tweet led to the two males arrest in Phuket. Now Rihanna’s tweets have lead officials to an infamous club which has escaped legal intervention in the past.

Rihanna tweeted on September 20 that she’d been traumatized by a live sex show that featured female performers pulling living animals from their nether regions as well as razor blades and other items. She mentioned women projecting darts and ping pong balls from the same area.

There were no pictures with this tweet but police were able to pin down the club where Rihanna saw the disturbing performances. Weera Kerdsirimongkon, the Local district chief, announced that the man who owned and operated the club had been arrested as part of an ongoing crackdown on clubs using naked dancers.

Weera revealed that the local police knew the whereabouts of the club right after the singer tweeted her description of the act. But according to the district chief, they couldn’t actually catch the owner committing the offenses until last Saturday night.

The club’s owner has been arrested and charged with obscenity and of running an entertainment establishment illegally. Weera explained that his police force waited until they could catch the owner violating the law “red handed.” They succeeded on Saturday and he now faces up to one month in prison and a fine of 60,000 baht, around $1,900.

Rihanna’s monitored Twitter account by the local Thai police may yet result in more arrests in Phuket. The singer has inadvertently helped law enforcement with her habit of letting her fans know her every move. Local criminals may just run the other way if they see Rihanna heading toward them in future.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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