Robots Are Becoming Independent [Video]

Are We Slowly Being Replaced?


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Exploring, driving, and self-building are among the many sentient-like behaviors robots are currently built to do. Today robots are becoming more and more independent.

3D printing is a process used to create and assemble certain parts of large construction material while in logistically difficult locations, such as space. Assembly is executed by a robotic 3D printing development called Spiderfab, which is a promising new system that has the ability to build large structures while in space. Tethers Unlimited is a development company that deals in transformative capabilities in a cost-effective perspective involving the sea and the atmosphere.

NASA has awarded Tethers Unlimited $500,000 to continue the development of Spiderfab. Such a development is a remarkable advancement that will allow the build-out of much bigger structures in orbit that would, otherwise, be more expensive to carefully pack an already assembled structure into a space-bound transportation unit. Not only is 3D printing cheaper, it is also better for the environment as the materials used are eco-friendly.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has revealed tiny robot cubes that have the ability to assemble and repair themselves. MIT researchers believe that “armies” of the cube bots can be utilized in emergency repairs in building structures or bridges. Such robots or “swarmbots” were showcased recently in a television series Revolution, where one of the characters had been slashed with a machete to death and was later revived by a swarm of tiny flying robots resembling fireflies. It is only a matter of time before robots start replacing doctors.

In 2008 General Motors tested a Chevy Tahoe vehicle that won the DARPA challenge. According to Google, there are already a dozen self-driving cars that have already clocked in more than 500,000 miles. Google had announced the self-driving car project in 2010, which did not bode well with Chrysler as they were going through a tough time in sales that year. The strange thing is not everyone has full knowledge of such cars today. In 2010, as robots have become a popular project, a license plate was issued to the first independent self-driving vehicle.

The evolving technology that has helped us for many years has undoubtedly begun its own revolution. Movies like The Terminator, A.I., and I Robot are entertaining but also educational for future developers. When The Terminator debuted, the notion of an actual robot having sentient-like features was laughable. Fast forward to today and you have self-driving vehicles that might replace chauffeurs and taxis, and robots that create and repair are working alongside humans.

Robots as we know them are changing the face of artificial intelligence as much of the inquiries posed to A.I. are met with a precision that only humans dream of. As robots are developed by various technology firms, it is safe to say that A.I. has become independent from their creators. Should we be scared? I truly do not think that we should be frightened of tech corporations that seemingly resemble Skynet – most of these firms have developed systems that do help our environment. It is probably best to evolve with A.I. as it will evolve with or without you, and if you fear being replaced with a robot, it is probably a good idea to learn how to fix it.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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