Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date and Concept Teases

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Amid the excitement surrounding the next Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, another idea blossoms beneath the surface. What concept will Samsung use to deliver an incredible product that grabs the heart of the most dedicated smartphone fan? Speculation of the Galaxy S5 release date continues – it may be announced in January for a release date in February, offsetting the idea of a spring release. The great tech minds of industry experts and tech geeks rule cyberspace as concept mania hits the web. There was one concept that hovered over the rest: with clear, concise depiction of the camera and streamlined specs, could the owners of the Galaxy S5 Info site be onto something?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Info

Guardian Express chatted with the name behind the concept site Galaxy S5 Info. The site is chocked full of delicious ideas, suggestions and a play of conceivable concepts alluding to what may be in store for anxious consumers (the site is linked at the end of the article) who are awaiting the next S series. A popular brand that has become a fierce contender against the iPhone brand. The creative minds delivering the concept information provided a detailed look into the beauty and capturing wonder of the Galaxy S5.

Display for Release?

Galaxy S5 Info suggests the display of the S5 release could come equipped with a flexible, OLED YOUM display that would mark a stunning 5.3-inch display of edge to edge beauty. The site contributor suggests the flexible display may even have an oleophobic coating to bring the dazzle of colors for a true experience of eye-gasm. The release of the S5 may just open the doors for this melding world of technologies, especially since Samsung has suggested flexible screens will be in the near future.

The concept site has relayed that push buttons will become a thing of the past as the screen will become an innovative tool of marvel, by allowing users to activate the camera and volume with a touch sensor capability. In addition to the lack of the camera and volume buttons, the concept delivered teases a renovated home button – a touch sensor that draws in the user with its siren glow.

Streamlined Body

It has been hinted by tech experts in the field the plastic body of the Galaxy Samsung line may become a thing of the past. Galaxy S5 Info seems to agree; they relayed an aluminum uni-body construction to withstand water and shock. Samsung created a change for good when the Galaxy S4 Active was released, it is suggested the next devices from Samsung will also be waterproof and shockproof. In addition to its sexy, lithe form, the site suggests a glowing LED notification sensor for items like missed calls and missed messages.

Courtesy: Galaxy S5 Info     Could sensors become a Samsung staple?
Courtesy: Galaxy S5 Info.  Could sensors become a Samsung staple?

Under the Hood

Rumors suggest Key Lime will not be the OS running on the Galaxy S5. Instead, the appearance of the KitKat system will be equipped and Galaxy S5 Info seems to agree. The site hints at a 2GHz Exynos 5 OctaCore processor to deliver a super-fast and smooth experience for consumers. Suggestions around the tech water cooler also hint Samsung may deliver two versions of processing power for the Galaxy S5. A 64-bit chip implemented has also been hinted as a possibility. In addition, the site suggests an ear-tingling concept, Quad Surround sound speakers, enchanting the musical happiness of millions.

One very exciting feature the site details is the possibility of Samsung expanding memory storage into the 128GB realm. With incredible powering speeds, capabilities and the enhanced features, this might just be on point. 16GB may no longer be available as the raw storage for consumers always tend to be closer to eight or 11GB. A starting factor of 32GB may just be correct, as suggested by the Galaxy S5 Info site. The battery life of the Galaxy S5 is rumored to be one of the most powerful of the entire line and may just double the life of the Galaxy S4.

Enhanced Camera Specs

The Samsung Galaxy camera has always been a leader in the smartphone ring. It seems per the concept site, enhanced specs are sure to arrive when the S5 is released. The front camera is expected to a get a boost, rumors point to a 3.2-megapixel front camera which will shoot HD videos with 720p quality. For the rear camera, it has been suggested and Galaxy S5 Info seems to agree, the megapixels will receive a boost up to 16-megapixels with the enhanced tool of the Carl Ziess lens. The concept dream site also suggest the S Vision sensor may make an appearance on the S5. A Xenon Flash, for better quality in low light, may be equipped above the lens for sharper images.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date and Concept Teases

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the front-runner if it adopts the concepts from the Galaxy S5 Info concept site. With possibilities galore, Samsung is expected to deliver a knock-your-socks-off device. The release date of February with an announcement in January has been teased. Now a leading concept idea charges the way for the next generation of smartphones. What do you think of the concept presented?

Courtesy: Galaxy S5 Info
Courtesy: Galaxy S5 Info


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