Second Sea Serpent Found near California Shore

Second Sea serpent

They say good things come in twos, but this is proving not to be the case in the discovery of a second sea serpent which has washing up on the beach. A group of individuals out on the sand in California have found another “discovery of a lifetime”, a dead oarfish which found its way to the CA shore.

The oarfish which was over 13 foot long had washed up on the beach and is the second sea serpent to be seen and found in such a short amount of time.

Suzanne Kohin, of the National Marine Fisheries Service explained how these huge creatures are very rare to see in southern California. Everyone believed the first event was so rare the first time, so this second one is even more bizarre, and they are the only events that we have heard of.

A marine scientist was snorkeling and made the first discovery, which was a dead18-foot monster. With help, it was brought to shore last week. It was longer than the second sea serpent.

Onlooker Alexandria Boyle explained how she thought she had no idea what the second sea serpent was. She said it seemed like it was a snake but that it also looked like a giant eel. She was on a beach field trip with her third-grade class when this oarfish was brought onshore. Some of her classmates agreed with what she said. An unidentified girl said she thought it was a giant sea monster and that it scared her.

That is quite understandable considering what the animal looked like. Boyle, her classmate, and others were amid a multitude of about 75 individuals who had packed around the creature while the police were called. They also waited around the area for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to arrive on the scene and gather the sea creature’s body.

Oarfish may grow up to 50 feet in length and live in depths of up to 3,000 feet below sea level. There is little known about what their habits and life cycles are, but NOAA put up on their website the sea serpents probably come to the water’s surface only if they are injured or near death.

After the first oarfish was discovered last week, the Catalina Marine Institute called it in a press release as a “discovery of a lifetime.”

Mark Waddington, who is a training guide with the Institute  explained how he saw another  trainer attempting to get the giant oarfish to shore, and instantly jumped in to give any assistance he could, along with about 20 other people.

Waddington explained how he had heard of the giant oarfish in studies but did not believe he would ever see one for himself with his own eyes.

Some divers down in the Bahamas were checking out a navy buoy and they were the first believed to film a five-foot long oarfish back in 2001, says NOAA.

These sea creatures can look chilling, since they have no teeth, are silver colored and bony and possess red heads that are brightly crested on the very top. They are believed to be the cause of ancient sea serpent stories that people told of the high seas.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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