Sisters of United States Capitol Shooting Victim Demand Answers

sisters of united states capitol shooting victim

This Thursday a woman was shot dead by police at the United States Capitol building after trying to crash her car through a White House gate, and now her sisters demand answers. The woman, now identified as Miriam Casey, drove her car into the White House gate Thursday afternoon and then led police in a car chase to the Capitol building, where she was shot and killed. Her 19 month old daugher Erica was in back seat of the car during the fatal shooting, and has not yet been released to the Casey family. Police did not allow the Casey sisters to view Miriam’s body, instead opting to show them a picture of the deceased to identify.

In a statement released to the press, the victim’s sisters Amy Carey-Jones and Valerie Carey said that there was no reason to kill Miriam, who was suffering from post-partum depression after giving birth to her daughter. One sister explained: “She was a…law-abiding citizen, carefree, loving, just like anyone else. She did have a baby and she did suffer from post-partum depression with psychosis.” Miriam was reportedly weaned off of her anti-depressant drugs some time before her death on Thursday, and her sisters are adamant that she was not a criminal.

Eric Saunders, the lawyer for the Carey family, blames Miriam’s death on what he calls a “seige-mentality” that has Americans jumping in fear and shooting to kill without proper regard for human life. He says this mentality has developed because of the constant implied threat of terrorism, and American citizens are paying the price.

After a police investigation found medicines at Miriam Casey’s home following the incident at the United States Capitol building, it was believed that the victim suffered from bi-polar disorder. The Casey family wants the public to understand that Mirian was “not crazy”, but merely suffering from post-partum depression. A law-enforcement official on the case said that his team believes that Miriam thought President Barack Obama was in communication with her, as well as targeting her with espionage. Carey’s family made no mention of these allegations against their sister, and say they are still trying to come to terms with her death.

An estimated 50 percent of new mothers suffer from some form of post-partum depression, with symptoms ranging from trouble sleeeping and obsessive worrying to hallucinations. Doctors have no universal screening process in place that would help them to diagnose troubled new mothers earlier on, as research is still lacking in many areas of the illness. Although the Carey sisters fully realize that Miriam was sick, they demand answers as to why she was a shooting victim at the United States Capitol building.

“Why was my sister shot and killed when her one-year-old daughter was in the car and she was unarmed? My mother deserves to know why.”

Written by Mandy Gardner

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