Sleepy Hollow Review The Lesser Key of Solomon

Sleepy Hollow Review For the Triumph of Evil


Sleepy Hollow continues to deliver the goods in their fourth episode of the season. The Lesser Key of Solomon brings a deeper understanding of not only the Mills sisters, but the larger conspiracy as well.

After the very intense pace of both the first and second episodes, and the rather slow third, it seems that we are coming to what might be the more expected pace for the episodes for the rest of the season. Where there is some revelations before the climax, that is probably stoping or confronting some threat, i.e. monster.

After last weeks episode, Fox authorized a second season instead of extending the number of episodes for the current one. This seems to indicate that Fox is backing the shorter season ploy of 13 episodes rather than extend the season out to 24 or 26. This, I think, is going to make for a better season all around and bring anticipation for the second season.

In this weeks episode, we are given a little more information on Ichabod’s past, Abby and Jenny Mills reunite, the secrets of Sheriff Corbin deepen, and a long standing sleeper cell organization is revealed.

In The Lesser Key of Solomon, we are shown that the Boston Tea Party was actually a diversion Crane created in order to obtain some kind of weapon that the British brought to the American shore. While Crane never saw it then, it is revealed that the weapon is actually a book written by King Solomon, of Black Magic. In it he describes how to summon the 72 demons that he imprisoned in Hell.

As Ichabod and Abby search for Jenny, Abby is given a slight head start in the man hunt. She and Ichabod end up at an old cabin which, we find out, was owned by Sheriff Corbin. Not only that, it is the safe house that Jenny is using when she runs to Abby and Ichabod.

Abby and Jenny’s reunion is fraught with tension as the two estranged sisters reunite since the first sighting of the demon in the woods. In fact, they end up pulling guns on one another shouting for the other to “put it down.” Funny enough, Crane is the voice of reason and provides deeply penetrating insight into the nature of their angst with one another. Despite being displaced in time, Crane continues to display a keen intellect and superior observational skills.

It is revealed that Sheriff Corbin not only took Abby under his wing, but Jenny as well. He sent her all over the world to find various artifacts and to train. We find out that Jenny has quite the weapons, tactics, and demolitions training from her world travels. The mysteries of Sheriff Corbin continue to deepen as the plot unfolds. He alone, at this point anyway, seems to be the counterpoint to the evil conspiracy.

Lastly, we find out that there are sleeper agents all over Sleepy Hollow, waiting to be activated. They are, apparently, the next generation of Hessian mercenaries, albeit with a demon master and dedication to the cause of the Apocalypse.

In addition to the Book Solomon wrote, there is another artifact that is pivotal to the plot, a sextant hiding a projector, which shows a map. The map, which is of old Sleepy Hollow, shows the location of the Book. The Hessians get a hold of the sextant, but thanks to Ichabod’s eidetic memory, he was able to recreate it and get the location.

The protagonists rush to get to the site, just behind the Hessian sleeper agents, who manage to begin the ritual to release the 72 demons. In the climatic fight they manage to thwart the ritual and destroy the book, preventing the demon from the woods another piece of his puzzle.

We end with the name of the woods demon, Moloch, providing a piece of the larger puzzle of what is actually going on. And, we are left with the Mills sisters together again, with Abby having conservatorship of her sister, thus extending the protagonists to three.

The twists and turns of the show definitely keep an enthralled audience and has the potential to be the most successful supernatural show for Fox since Buff the Vampire Slayer. Looking forward to the rest of this season, especially now that we are four episodes deep with The Lesser Key of Solomon continuing to move the plot forward.


Written by: Iam Bloom

NY Times 

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