Spying Expands to School Children

Arne Duncan
Education Secretary Duncan testifies before Congress – 2009

Spying on our phone calls and emails wasn’t enough to satisfy the government’s appetite for our personal information. Now the data mining program has expanded by having innocent school children supply detailed information about what goes on inside the privacy of family homes. This latest violation of our Right to Privacy guaranteed by the fourth Amendment of the Constitution comes from the Department of Education;  hidden in the new national education program known as Common Core Curriculum Standards.

When George Orwell wrote his 1949 novel 1984 he described an out-of-control government that spied on the citizens to learn far more about them than they were willing to volunteer. To many the idea of such an out-of-control government remained inconceivable as recently as the late 1960’s. To others, Orwell’s novel became a guidebook for avoiding ‘big brother.’

As we look back the nearly thirty years since 1984, we can only wish we had paid more attention to Orwell’s vision. Today our privacy is threatened, not only by the infamous NSA domestic spying program, but by a far more cladestine group of operatives who don’t even know they are being used as spies; our school children. The information the Obama administration is gathering through the implementation of the federally backed Common Core Curriculum would frighten Orwell himself into dropping out of public school. In many of the 46 states subscribing to the common core standards even home school instruction is mandated to teach the content of these questionable standards. Diplomas will only be awarded when standard common core content evaluation tests are successfully passed.

Capiitalizing on lack of parent involvement or their understanding about what is going on in the schools, the federal government is sucking the very life from freedom. Schools regularly send home innocent looking questionaires which become tools for collecting data about everything about the school children’s family life. Data about everything from religious beliefs and practices to the food we eat, what goes on within our homes, and where where we choose to shop and play.

It cannot be repeated enough, deniability is a key factor to the federal take over of local education. The Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan,  has spent so much time denying federal involvement he has begun to sound like a broken record. The massive amount of data mining being conducted within the program is well disguised behind the silicone chip curtain. But the resistance to Obamaschool growing as more parents realize the Orwellian intrusion into their private lives by the constant flow of “harmless” questionnaires brought home from school.  Since this is the first school year of the federally backed program, the dangers and spying are only now becoming public knowledge.

To further add insult to injury, some districts have initiated bio-metric tracking of students to allegedly insure more accurate attendance records. Since enrollement is one critical way money is allocated to local districts, the bio-metric tracking of student movements makes it easier to follow the money trail. Students who resist such close examination of their every move are dealt harsh punishments. In San Antonio, Texas Andrea Hernandez was expelled from her high school for refusing to wear an RFID tracking chip. After a lengthy federal lawsuit, the district dropped the policy; citing low participation rates, multiple civil liberties lawsuits, and negative publicity. In August 2013, month after ending the program the district withdrew its expulsion of Andrea.

In a study conducted and released last year by The American Principles Project, the claims by supporters of common core standards that they are “internationally benchmarked,” “robust,” “aligned with college and work expectations,” “rigorous,” and “evidence-based.” all are untrue claims. Meanwhile, the intrusion into the privacy of our homes is expanding in the 46 states which accepted big federal government jackpots.

If America is going to regain control of the education of our children and slow the expansion of the federal government spying and data mining, the process must begin by closing down the common core curriculum program now.

by Marcus Murray

reference: Christian Post, American Principles study, Andrea Hernandez

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