Suicide Bombing at Iraq School Kills 13

Suicide Bombing at Iraq School Kills 13

A suicide bomber has struck in Baghdad, and exploded a truck which was filled with explosives. The bombing was at an Iraq elementary school and has killed 13 so far, mostly children and their headmaster, stated police.

There are also believed to be as many as 80 other individuals, which includes both teachers and students, have been hurt in the blast. This appears to be the first of three different assaults near Baghdad, which have caused the deaths of over 30 Iraqis.

Soon after the bombing on the elementary school, one more suicide bomber smashed another truck into a small police station and blasted numerous explosives, slaying three police officers and hurting over 15 others.

After that, a third suicide bomber went after a group of Shiite travelers near Baghdad, killing 14 and also  injuring at least 34, the police have said.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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