The Voice Knockouts Part 2 October 29 (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Knockouts Part 2

Tonight, The Voice continues with the second of its Knockout Rounds. The tension is running high, as the coaches wrestle with difficult decisions, and also with the choice of which team member they will steal from another coach who lets a contestant go.

The first two singers up are from Team Adam. They are Preston Pohl, who will sing No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley and Lina Gaudenzi, who sings I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James.  Adam tries to get Preston to have more emotion in his voice as he sings the Marley song, and he wants Lina to try to hit the high notes in her song choice better.

Blake and Cee Lo both comment that Lina had a hard time keeping her voice under control. When Carson asks Adam who the winner is, Adam says “The winner is Preston.” None of the coaches use their steal to take Lina, so she  ends up being sent home.

Team Blake is the second team  to take the stage tonight, with Ray Boudreaux vs. E.G. Daily. Blake says that he really loves E.G., but for her to win, she has to show more soul and don’t try to be so perfect with her performances.

Ray chose to sing Hard to Handle . He didn’t have his best performance — he was a little pitchy tonight. However, E.G. screwed up the beginning of her song, I Can’t Make You Love Me, which didn’t help her, and at times in her singing, she sounded a bit too much like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, who she used to do the voice for.

The mentors all said that they liked Ray’s performance better. Although he was pitchy at times, his voice stayed more in control, and didn’t break. Blake said that he chose Ray as the winner of the Knockout Round.

Team Christina was up next. Anthony Paul and Jacquie Lee from her team sang. Anthony, who usually sings power ballads, wanted to try something different, something more pop, so he decided to sing The Other Side. Jacquie sang Stomp.

Anthony was worried that he had disappointed Christina, while Christina said that Jacquie’s stage presence needed more work. The judges made comments that Anthony was kind of pitchy tonight during his performance. On the other hand, Jacquie, while still being a bit jerky with her movements, showed off her tremendous vocal range and powerful voice, so Christina named her the winner. None of the mentors used their steals to get Anthony for their team.

Next up, it’s Team Cee Lo. The first two singers from his team to sing will be Stephanie Anne Johnson vs. Tamara Chauniece. Stephanie will sing Don’t Know Why  and Tamara will sing No One. They have chosen two soulful songs, and both are similar in other ways — this might be the most difficult Knockout Round to decide of the night, so far.

Tamara sings her song with a reggae feel to it, as it’s the second Bob Marley song on The Voice tonight.

The judges really like how both singers did, but they seem to especially like Tamara’s version of No One. It’s going to be difficult for Cee Lo to decide who the winner will be. Cee Lo took his time deciding, but he finally declared that Tamara was the winner.

With the first steal of the night, Christina used it to steal Stephanie, who had been one of her team members originally! This is the first time Christina has ever stolen back a team member.

Team Adam’s James Wolpert goes head-to-head in the next Knockout Round against Juhi. James chooses to sing Boston’s More Than a Feeling, while Juhi sings I Heard It Through the Grapevine.

This is another terrific performance! Juhi sings with a lot of passion and maybe some rage, as she’s still not very happy about Cee Lo having dumped her in an earlier round.

Though James Wolpert doesn’t give his best performance, and his voice  starts off somewhat shaky, Adam chalks it up to a bad day and he decides to say that James is the winner. The other judges seem surprised — they thought he would probably keep Juhi instead of James. Did he make a bad choice? We’ll see if it pays off for him in later rounds.

Austin Jenckes  and Brandon Chase will perform next for Team Blake. Austin will be singing I’ll Be. He says he was influenced to choose this song because of his dad. His dad, tragically,  took his own life. Austin sings with a ton of emotion in his voice, and you can feel his pain and loss as he sings. He does a fantastic job.

We’ll hear Brandon perform after more commercials.

Brandon sings Even If It Breaks Your Heart. He accompanies himself on the guitar. He does a really great job of singing this song, and has the audience clapping along with him.

Christina: “Austin, I just thought it was power, power, power all the way through. I was looking for more emotion I’d say that Brandon, you definitely took it.”

Adam wasn’t bothered by the “power” Austin displayed in his voice.

Blake said that he heard them both get pitchy at different times as they sang. When Carson asks Blake who the winner is, he says “The winner of this Knockout is — Austin.” Nobody chooses Brandon, though he’s available.

For Team Cee Lo, Caroline Pennell and George Horga, Jr.,  sing next. Caroline sings The Way I Am.   George performs Because of You.

I am really, really loving Caroline’s voice as she sings. She gives an awesome performance, and other than Holly Henry — who is no longer in the competition — of the women left, Caroline probably has the most unique-sounding voice (in a good way).

But, George does really well, also, belting out Because of You. The audience joins in clapping right from the start of the song, and his performance  is also pretty impressive, though….

Blake: “You were singing flat most of the performance,” he tells George.

“Caroline makes me want to buy a pink blanket and a cat and curl up in front of a fire. You’re the best there is this season,”Blake continues.

Christina: “Caroline, your voice is effortlessly angelic.”

Cee Lo liked how both artists performed, but Carson reminds him tha the has to make a decision a sto the winner.

“The winner of this Knockout is Sweet Caroline,” Cee Lo says. That means that George Horga will be sent home, as nobody steals him.

The final performances tonight will be from two members of Team Christina, Matthew Schuler sings  Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. Will Champlin sings   When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars. They both sound fantastic in the rehearsals. Will relates that his wife has a brain tumor, and he’s doing this for her.

Matthew sings first, and demonstrates his powerful vocals. Christina stands up, and shakes her fist in the air, pumped up by the performance.  We will hear Will after more commercials.

Will Champlin has a remarkable and versatile voice — he might go all the way to the end of the season.

Cee Lo: “Standing ovations for both of you. Matthew, you were like the Mike Tyson of The Voice. You gave one of the most stellar performances I’ve ever seen.”

Adam: “You came out here,” he says to Will, “and you were peers.” He said that they were so close as to how ell they both sang and so good.

Christina: “You came out here like a champ, Will, and I really commend you for it.”

When Carson asks her who the winner is, she says “The winner of this Knockout is — Matthew.” She then says “There is something so magical about him when he sings and performs.”

Adam uses his final steal to steal Will Champlin — Woo-hoo! Both Matthew and Will are great singers, and deserve to move on to the next rounds, the Live Shows. The Voice will be on three freakin’ nights next week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday! Talk about having an early Thanksgiving feast, but one for the ears instead of the stomach! Please join with me next week, and then check out my recap/review of The Voice afterward.


Written by: Douglas Cobb