The Voice The Battles Premiere (Review)

The Voice - Season 5

On The Voice, let the battles begin! Tonight is the premiere of the head-to-head duo battles on The Voice, where coaches can steal away the team members of the other coaches. All’s fair in love, war, and…music, right? Except, of course, when it’s a member of your team that gets stolen — whose feathers will get ruffled tonight on The Voice?

The episode opens with Cee Lo saying: “It’s battle time!” and Blake saying “America, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Team Adam’s up first, pairing Grey against Nic Hawk. The adviser for Team Adam is Ryan Tedder, of One Direction fame. The duo will sing Domino by Jazzy J. Adam tells them they need to both sing with power and energy. This will be a tough choice; but, it’s just the beginning of many tough choices the coaches will face.

Carson: “This battle starts right now!”

Both Grey and Nic are so good! I’m predicting that Nic will pull off the win, but it will probably be a close call.

The coaches/judges all seemed to love the battle. Blake said “Both of you have broken my heart already.”

Christina: “I got to go with consistent vocals,” so she chose Grey.  Cee Lo picked Nic.  Adam chose Grey to move on! He said: “She’s one to watch out for.”

Blake: “Oh, Adam, you screwed up so bad! Why is Adam such an idiot?” He decided to steal Nic!

Did Adam make the right decision, or will choosing Grey come back to haunt him?

Team Christina’s turn is next. Timyra-Joi, 15, vs. Amber  Nicole, 17. Ed Sheeran is their adviser. Christina chose Listen by Beyonce for them to sing in their battle. Christina thinks that Timyra-Joi is only giving her 50 percent, though, so she is kind of worried. Ed  said that yesterday, he would have picked Amber, but Timyra-Joi had been doing better today. This might turn out to be another close call.

Christina tells them both: “This is your moment. Control it on the stage.”

Both Amber and Timyra-Joi are blowing the song out of the water! They are wailing on it, both kicking some royal butt! Christina had a few tears in her eyes. “I was living right in that moment,” she said.

Cee Lo: “It’s unbelievable!” He gives the win to Timyra-Joi.

Blake: “it’s a win right there, making this girl cry (referring to Christina).”

Christina: “I try to live in the moment and follow my gut and instinct. The winner of this battle is — Amber!”

Carson to the other coaches: “Let me remind you that Timyra-Joi is available to steal.” None of them stole her, though, sadly.

It’s Blake’s turn right after the break.

Team Blake’s adviser is Cher. Justin Chain goes head-to-head against Shelbie Z. They are both country singers.

Blake gave them Don’t You Wanna Stay by Kelly Clarkson.

Cher to Shelbie Z.: “If you’re nervous, you clamp down, making it so you can’t hit the note.”

Blake: “Give the performance of your life.”

Shelbie Z.: “I have to show people I can hit the power notes.”

Justin: “I have to learn how to sing harmonies better.”

We will see which one of the two wins right after more commercials.

Blake: “This is the only true duet that’s being performed,” he tell the duo.

Carson: “Only one of these two Alabama vocalists will move on! Let the battle begin!”

Justin and Shelbie Z. do a great job with the song. When they sing together, I’d say Justin’s voice overpowers hers somewhat; but, when she sang parts of the song on her own, she showed she has a very powerful voice, too. This is not my favorite song, but they both did a very nice job.

Christina: “I just have to say, you’d be a perfect duet, for real. I did love Shelbie Z., though.”

Cee Lo: “What a great performance!”

Adam: “I couldn’t focus on the separation of your two voices.” He picks Justin.

Blake: “I think when that type of chemistry happens, it’s like containin’ lightning.”

Carson asks him who he thinks the winner of the battle is, and Blake chooses Shelbie Z.

Nobody steals Justin! That’s a shame….

Team Cee Lo is up next. Miguel is Team Cee Lo’s adviser.

Caroline Pennell and  Anthony Paul are paired for the duet. It’s the Justin Bieber song As Long As You Love Me. They do way, way, better than he sings it, IMHO. Caroline has such a unique, cool voice.

Cee Lo: “Anthony is experienced in Show Choir, so I don’t want him to get too carried away with the song. It’s a simple song.”

“I just feel that Anthony has an ambition in him,” Cee Lo says.

Both Miguel and Cee Lo want Caroline to step out from the background and not be so shy.

Cee Lo: “No matter what happens, we all work together.”

Their voices meld so well together —  both Caroline and Anthony’s voices seem to be made for the song, or vice-versa.  They were amazing!

Adam: “Caroline, you took it and made it into a more popular song.” He chose Caroline.

Blake: “I think Anthony displayed so much versatility.”

Christina: “To be honest, I think that was the best performance of the day. I’m torn — they both brought their own thing.”

Cee Lo: “I’m very proud of both of you.” He picks Caroline.

Christina takes this opportunity to steal Anthony Paul! Cee Lo says that he probably made the wrong decision pairing the two of them, because he really would have liked to have kept them both.

Adam’s next pairing is Teesann Chin vs.  Donna Allen, 54. They both have incredibly powerful voices.

Ryan: “In my mind, if they both sing equal, which they did today, there’s no clear winner.” It’s going to be yet another tough one to decide — but, we gotta wait until after the commercials to see how they do.

They sing the  Emeli Sande song  Next to Me. Donna’s voice is so strong –but, Tessann also is a remarkable singer.  They both have a great vocal range. This ain’t going to be easy for Adam to decide who goes on.

Blake: “It was epic. To have that kind of range and raspy sound, is epic. I guess I will go with Donna.”

Christina: “You brought it! My choice would be Tessann, but wow, Donna, what incredible range.”

Cee Lo: If I had to give it to anyone, I’d have to say Tess.”

Adam really likes them both, and calls them both “world class singers.” Carson asks him who the winner of the battle is.

“That’s a great question, Carson,” Adam answers. He’s about to say who he’s chosen as the winner, when — you guesses it — there’s another commercial break.

Adam: “The winner of this battle is…Tessann.”

Carson: “Let me remind you that Donna is available to steal.” None of the coaches steal her, though — she is a fantastic singer, but the coaches have two steals apiece, and they’re trying to be strategic, saving them for later.

Christina pairs up Breanna Cuoco, Kaley’s sister, and  Jacqui   Lee, 16. The song chosen for them is  The House of the Rising Sun. Carson’s calling the upcoming battle the “most epic one of the night.”

Carson: “This battle starts right now!”

Jacqui begins the song. The audience starts cheering right away; but, they do when Breanna sings, also. Then, the crowd starts clapping along to them both singing it. They are really great — they both have strong pipes. The audience erupts in applause.

Cee Lo: “That was amazing on both of your parts. On any other occasion, I’d vote for Breanna, but I’ll vote for Jacqui.”

Blake: “I think Breanna captured what’s really meant to happen with that kind of song. I’d pick Breanna.”

Christina: “I’m honestly torn right now. I really am.”

Carson: “Who is the winner of this battle?”

Christina: “The winner of this battle is…Jacqui.”

Cee Lo and Blake both want to steal Breanna!

Carson: “We have a steal!”

Breanna: “You guys are my saviors right now.”

Breanna chooses to go with Team Blake! Blake give Cee Lo a big hug, but Cee Lo tells him: “You suck!”

Wow — it was a great night of head-to-head battles! Tomorrow night promises more of the same awesome singing and tense moments. I believe some performers from past seasons will be brought back to perform, as well.

I thought that some of the highlights, for me, were the opening battle between Grey and Nic Hawk, the Caroline Pennell and Anthony Paul duet of As Long as You Love Me, and the final battle of the night, between Breanna Cuoco and Jacqui Lee, of The House of the Rising Sun. What are your opinions? Please leave your comments below!

By: Douglas Cobb

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