The Voice The Knockouts Part 1 October 28 (Review & Videos)

The Voice - Blake Shelton

Tonight on The Voice, the Knockout Rounds begin! Teammates will be paired off individually against each other, and only one will move on! As well, each coach has one steal he/she can use. Each singer will also be able to choose whicever song he/she wants to sing in the competition.

Blake says: “I’m lookin’ for stars.”

Carson Daly says that, at the end of the Knockouts, each coach can only take five contestants with him/her further in the competition.

Starting off the night on The Voice, Team Christina’s Josh Logan will face Amber Nicole.  Josh will sing Living for the City by Stevie Wonder, and Amber has chosen to sing  Momma Knows Best.

Amber sings first — she has very impressive, powerful pipes, and is showing off her wide vocal range with this song — it’s a great choice for her. Christina is really getting into it, shaking her head around.

Josh sounds quite a bit like Stevie Wonder when he sings this song — he is bringing it tonight, for sure! Blake was bobbing his head along to the song, as was Adam and Cee Lo.  They both did a great job!

Cee Lo: “Josh, you got a great voice!”

Adam to Amber: “You packed in so much into that 90 seconds.”

Blake liked both singers, as well. Christina says that the winner of the Knockout is Josh Logan! “I love that Josh keeps surprising the coaches,” Christina says.

Both Cee Lo and then Blake push their buttons to steal Amber! Who will she choose?

Amber chose to go with Team Cee Lo!

For Team Cee Lo, Kat Robichaud will go head-to-head against Monika Leigh. Kat will sing You Oughta Know. Monika Leigh will sing Hit the Road Jack.

I didn’t think Kat did as well, compared, at least, with Monika’s performance. We’ll see what the coaches say.

Adam: “Kat, you’re a rock star — you really are. Monika was a little more calculated. I’ll have to give this one to Kat.”

Blake: “I’m gonna go with my old buddy. I’m going to pick Monika.”

Christina: “This is a tough choice. I was loving you both for different reasons.”

CeeLo: “Based off this performance alone, the winner of this Knockout round is — Kat.” That was a shock to me. Nothing against Kat, but I really thought that Monika had won the round. Nobody steals her…that’s kind of sad, as she is a very good singer.

Team Blake’s Holly Henry and Nic Hawk will go against each other. Holly will sing Creep by Radiohead. Nic is a great singer too — he will sing Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera.

Blake to Nic: “Make sure the singing is 150 percent.”

Holly Henry goes first –God, I really, really like her voice — I wish Blake hadn’t matched these two singers against each other. I would have to go with Holly, at least right now. The audience is cheering, and clapping. We’ll hear Nic after a commercial break.

Nic Hawke does a soulful, sultry version of Genie in a Bottle. I didn’t know if Christina would like it, but she seems to really be digging it.  He did a great job, but…

Christina said she liked both, but that she thought Nic had really taken a chance, and it paid off.

Adam really liked Nic’s performance the best, and chose him.

Blake: “The winner of this Knockout is Nic.” He added that “I’m so happy I stole Nic from Adam.” Nobody stole Holly — that is disappointing to me, as I honestly thought she might go all the way to the end.

Next up The Voice for Team Adam are Tessanne Chin and Ashley DuBose. Tessanne has chosen to sing Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson. while Ashley will sing Hey, Soul Sister.

Adam to Ashley: “Your voice just took over the room. You definitely have a chance to win.” He says he really likes her choice of Hey, Soul Sister.

Adam to Tessanne: “You have something crazy special, I want it bad.” Tessanne’s voice isn’t doing as well as it should in the rehearsals; will she pull  of the win, or will Ashley beat her?

I really liked Ashley’s performance of Hey, Soul Sister, but Tessanne is a powerful singer, so anything can happen. Tessanne will sing after the next commercial break.

Tessanne has the audience clapping along with her right from the start and she can really sustain some of the notes! The audience erupted in applause — this is another difficult choice.

Adam says that the winner of this Knockout is Tessanne!

Team Blake’s Briana Cuoco and Shelbie Z. will go head-to-head next. Briana Cuoco sang Don’t Speak. She rocked it, I thought; but, we’ll see what the coaches say.

Shelbie Z. has chosen to sing  Last Name by Carrie Underwood.  I liked it, though it’s not my favorite song.  She does a great version of it — I’m guessing she will be called the winner of this Knockout.

Christina: “Briana, I’m so happy you found a home on Team Blake. And Shelbie, I think this was your most confident performance yet.”

Cee Lo: “If I had to pick someone, I’d say Shelbie Z.”

Blake: “The winner of this Knockout is Shelbie Z.” He added: “I went with Shelbie Z. because she’s ready for the live performances.”

Team Adam’s Grey is up against James Irwin. Grey will sing the Kelly Clarkson song Already Gone. James Irwin will sing Break Even by Script.

Grey has the audience clapping along from the beginning of her version of Already Gone. She has a very cool voice — the audience cheered for her after she finished.

James Irwin got the audience screaming and clapping, too, though — this will be another tough decision.

Blake: “Grey, you left the door open a little for James. I think James won that, in my opinion.”

Christina: ” James, you have this really rich tone in your voice I saw improvement in you; nice job.”

Adam: “Grey, you have an incredibly powerful voice.”

Carson asked Adam who the winner of the Knockout Round is — Adam said he thinks he knows what to do, but added “this is hard.” Then, the show cut to more commercials — blah.

Adam: “I commend both of you. The winner of this Knockout Round is — Grey.”

Nobody steals James.

Team Christina’s Olivia Henken chooses to sing  You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt and Destinee  Quinn sings  See You Again by Cary Underwood.

Christina tells Olivia to “choose your moment; not every note needs to be a knockout note.”

Destinee had the audience clapping the entire song –she did an amazing version of the Underwood song. Olivia needs to bring it if she wants to win.

Olivia also has everyone clapping along as she sings. She does a fantastic job, too. Adam calls the performances about dead even.

Blake said that Olivia sang “consistently sharp” but he prefers that to other types of errors. He picked Olivia.

Christina, when asked by Carson who the winner of the Knockout Round is, chose Olivia Henken. Nobody stole Destinee. Blake: “I didn’t steal Destinee because I already have  a female country singer on my team.”

Now, Team Cee Lo is up  for the final Knockout of the night! Cole Vosbury will go up against Jonny Gray. Cole chooses to sing Let Her Go by Passenger.

Cee Lo: “If he controls his vocals and really commits, he has a chance to make this moment very special.”

Jonny picks We Can Work It Out by The Beatles. Cee Lo said of Jonny: “I think he’s strong, but he has a little bit of a ways to go when it comes to stage presence.”

Cole Vosbury sings first — he does an awesome job with Let Her Go. He accompanies himself on the guitar — the audience cheered a the end of the song. We’ll have to wait until after the next  bunch of commercials to hear how Jonny does with We Can Work It Out.

The audience clapped along with Jonny’s version of this Beatles song. I liked how he did, but picking a song that’s become such a standard might have been a bad choice — we’ll see.

Adam:  “Jonny, I didn’t fight hard enough for you, man.”

Blake: ” I would vote for Cole.”

Christina: “I pick Jonny.”

Cee Lo: “I will go for Jonny.”

Adam pushes his button to steal Cole, then Blake followed suit.

Blake: “I want to support whatever direction you’re headed in, and help you get there in the finale of The Voice.”

Cole seems torn between the two coaches, but he ultimately says: “I gotta go with Blake.”

Tomorrow night, there will be a special  two-hour episode of The Voice. Then, we will see Part 2 of The Knockouts, and we’ll find out who the coaches will keep, who they’ll let go, and who they’ll steal,  as they further solidify their teams. Do you think the coaches made the right decisions tonight? Please leave your opinions/comments below!

By: Douglas Cobb