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The Walking Dead Season Two Game Trailer Clementine is Back (Video)

The Walking Dead Season Two Game Trailer Clementine is Back (Video)

Season two of The Walking Dead video game is coming out this year and Telltale Games have released a trailer. Clementine is back and she can be heard over the footage of the video. The award winning game – Game of the Year 2012 from over 90 different review sites, as well as many other accolades – will follow the same format as Season One of the game. We have the YouTube video of the trailer down below.

The second season will again feature five episodes, or chapters, which will come out separately. For those hardcore gamers, the PC/Mac and steam are now ready to be pre-ordered from the Telltale Games Online Store. Episode one of Season Two will premiere late this year and be available as well on PS3 AND Xbox 360. The next four episodes will be released in 2014.

Apparently Telltale’s second season of the popular Walking Dead game will be available on other consoles as well. PC/Mac and stream players have been offered a 10 percent reduction in price if they also pre-order the season pass which will give them access to all episodes for the cost of $22.49. However the offer is only available if ordered through the online store or the Stream distribution service.

Fans of the game’s first season will be pleased to be able to see what happens next to Clementine the young female protagonist of the first story. The youngster is introduced at the beginning of the first game as an orphaned survivor of the walker outbreak. She teams up with convicted killer Lee Everett and season two will continue her story.

The first of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead used a formula of having the player make decisions that would have consequences later in the game. It was a winning formula, similar to the device used in Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, and one that soon had players addicted to the game and the character of Clementine.

There have been suggestions that Clementine’s constant companion and protector, Lee, may have made some decisions that will affect the girl in the second season. Anyone who was a fan of the first season will be dying to play the newest offering from Telltale Games.

Apparently this season will see players taking on the role of Clementine and attempting to escape and out maneuver the zombie’s in the Walking Dead verse. The game is a perfect representation of the harsh, gritty and terrifying world of The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman worked closely with Telltale Games to follow the mythos of the verse in the comics and he has explained that the game is less about action “tropes” and more about character development.

Before the first game was released, video diaries were made of the games development which helped to publicize the game to fans of the comic and the television series. The AMC production of The Walking Dead does have some character cross-over, but, the games essentially focuses on peripheral characters. Clementine, for instance, has no part in the television verse.

According to Telltale Games, they plan to release The Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition – Season One. It will be out in November and will cost $29.95 and it will feature all of the chapters of 400 Days along with fans being able to access behind the scenes featurettes and the original music score of season one.

The Walking Dead Season Two game trailer came out today, and you can see it below. The darling Clementine is back and fans of the first season will be excited to see what happens to the young protagonist next.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom