The X Factor The Four-Chair Challenge Round #3 October 9 (Review &Videos)


Tonight on The X Factor, it’s Paulina Rubio’s turn to decide who on her team stays in and who will be the Final Four to remain, as she faces the Four-Chair Challenge like Demi and Kelly did last week.

Al Calderon, 19, is up first. He sings a dub version of Call Me Maybe. Simon is smiling; he seems to be liking what he’s hearing.

Kelly tells him that his vocals are shaky but that he mellowed out and started to do better.

Demi says she really liked the high energy level he has, but also said he sounded too pitchy to her.

Simon said that Al didn’t have the best singing voice, but had a lot of energy and charisma.

Paulina tells him to take a seat, making him the first one she chooses during this round.

Isaiah Alston sings The Greatest Love of All. He’s doing a fantastic job, and has incredible range. Demi says that he may not be ready for the competition.

Paulina: “Are you special enough?”

When pressed for a decision, Paulina sends Isaiah home.

Issac Taufaefa, 23, sang Bubbly by Colbie Cailat.

Kelly said that his singing like karaoke. Demi and Simon didn’t like how he did, though he sounded great to me — Paulina at first said she’d have to disagree with the other judges; but, she still ended up sending Isaac home.

Carlos Guevara, who has Tourettes, was next. He sang Ain’t No Sunshine. He does an amazing job of singing. The audience gives him a standing ovation.

Kelly: “I love the way you just allow yourself to become lost in your voice.”

Simon also liked him enough to say he did okay.  Carlos: “Complaining does nothing but waste time. I don’t want to be a sob story; just an inspiration. That’s all I want.”

Paulina: “Carlos, please take a seat.” At least she made the right decision with Carlos, in my opinion, and kept him into the next round.

Stone Martin is the next singer. He say that he really was influenced by groups like One Direction. He sings Torn. Stone does great, also; the audience screams as he sings, and applauds enthusiastically at the end.

Demi: “That was so much better than your first audition. You went out there and killed it.

Simon: “You were robotic when you performed. But, there’s a market for singers like you. You’ve got swag.”

Paulina wonders out loud if there’s a market for a singer like Stone. But, she says: “Stone Martin — please take a seat.”

Mario: “We’ve got three seats filled, and there’s still five boys to go.”

Another commercials followed. We”ll see who Paulina Rubio keeps and who she sends home after the break!

Chase Goehring is next. He sings Shooting Star. Demi has a look on her face, as if she is not digging his performance.  The audience seems to like it, though…

Kelly: “I don’t know if I liked you singing that song as much as the one you wrote.”

Simon: “I like you, but I almost wish I didn’t hear you sing that song.”

Paulina: “Chase, take a seat!”

Tim Olstad, 24, is the next performer to sing. “What made me decide to audition is my family being so supportive.” The song he chooses is The Climb.

The females in the audience screams their appreciation of how well he sang. He did a fantastic job, and has great range to his singing. The audience gave him a standing ovation, also.

Kelly: “I can honestly hear your voice on the radio already. You have a wonderful recording voice.”

Demi said she really liked his voice, too.

Simon: Who do you think you sound like? Josh Grobin, maybe?”

He told Simon no, more like John Legend. Simon said: “Now, I really don’t understand you. I think you’d appeal to an older audience.”

Paulina decides to keep him; but, that means she has to send someone home. She chooses to send Stone Martin packing.

Mario: “There are still three more acts to go.”

Stone is crying backstage. “I really thought I had it,” he says. “I’ll just have to try next year. That’s all I can do.”

Carlito Olivero goes next. He says that he “has a big crush on Paulina,” and that “my goal is to blow Paulina away.” He said that “I have the richest family in the world. All we didn’t have is money.”

The song that Carlito sings is Dreaming of You.

Simon: “I thought you were a little shaky.” He added “You struggled with the song; but, I think there’s a lot of potential with you.”

Paulina: “I loved your attitude.”

Carlito tells her that he promised his family he would help them out. He said that there are no Latinos out there.

Paulina: “You are in my Final Four.”

Mario tells her “You know what this means. One of these acts will have to go.” We’ll have to wait until after the commercial break is over to learn who Paulina will send home.

Paulina: “The person I’m sending home is…I’m sorry…Chase!”

Timmy Thames, 13, is next — he’s the youngest one of the Boys group to be on the show. “My mom is a single mom who works full time.” The song he chooses is from Hairspray. It’s New Girl in Town.

The females in the audience are screaming for him, really loving his performance. I thought he did pretty darn good.

Kelly: “Timmy, you are so stinkin’ cute. I much admit, I did like your audition better than your performance tonight.”

Demi: “I have to be honest. I wasn’t blown away.”

Simon: “I have to be a hundred percent honest, too. I think it would be insane if you were to leave the competition.”

Paulina wonders what she should do; Simon says: “Paulina; he’s the one.”

“You’ve got to keep him,” Simon adds.

Pauina: “Timmy — you are in my Final Four.”

“But, who will you send home?” Mario asks her.

Paulina sends home Tim Olstad. The audience groans, and Mario says “You can see this is a very unpopular decision.”

Paulina says after the commercial break: “I don’t care what the audience says. I am going about how I fell. I want him back.”

Mario brings Tim back, and asks Paulina what she has to say to him.

“I am a human, and I make mistakes. I want you back,” Paulina tells him.

Now, she has to send a different boy home. This is sure to be a controversial move, no matter who she chooses, as was her decision to send Olstad home in the first place.

She says “The boy who is going home is Al Calderon.”

Josh Levi, 14, is the last one to sing for Paulina. He sings I Can’t Make You Love Me. He does a pretty good job — the females in the audience like how he sings, and probably think he looks cute. He does a little stuttering dance step, and Demi is smiling really big. He gets a standing ovation.

Kelly: “Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to know what a superstar you’re looking at.”

Simon: “Josh I wouldn’t have chosen this song, but you’re looking at a potential future star here.”

Paujlina: “Everything you did was so perfect.”

Mario: “Is Josh in, or out?”

Paulina: “Josh, you are in my Final Four.”

Mario: “Who will you send home? Who are you switching out?”

Paulina: “Timmy, I’m sending you home.”

Paulina now has her Final Four.

“Now, the pressure is about to turn to Simon Cowell,” Mario says.

The first group is Girls United. The song they choose tonight is Yeah 3X.

They did a choreographed dance as they sing. I thought they did a pretty good job; but, who knows what Simon will say?

Kelly: “Girls United — I think you have a wonderful look.”

Demi: “I actually think it was on the young side — the performance –but guys, you should go on.”

Simon: “I’ve heard a lot better.”

Mario: “In or out — what is your decision?”

Simon: “Girls — take a seat.”

Wild Thingz went next. The song they chose was Party Rock Anthem. They started rapping in the middle of the song. Simon and Demi really loved it, and were smiling.

Kelly really liked their performance, as did Paulina.

Simon: “I don’t even know which one is most annoying. If I had a three year old, he’d probably quite like it — with the volume turned down. Why should I keep you?”

One of the boys said singing with the others and performing “was like having a super power.”

Mario asks Simon what he will do. Simon said: “This is the normal part of my brain, and this is the insane part. I’m going with the insane part. Wild Thingz, take a seat.”

The next group is Glamour. The did an awesome version of The Star Spangled Banner for their first audition, and got four “yeses.”

The song they chose is Cups from Pitch Perfect. They are awesome; the audience erupted in cheers.

Kelly: “Ladies I adored you. I wish it was a little tighter, but it was great.”

Demi: “I do wonder if you’re ready for it right now.”

Simon: “You were so good that first audition.” Meaning, he doesn’t think they were as great this time out.

“Girls,” Simon continued; “I’ve made a decision. I’m going back to the first audition. Girls, take a seat.”

Mario: “Simon has three of the chairs filled, but who will stay and who will go?” We’ll have to find out after more commercials….

Restless Road is the group up next. They were solo artists who were eliminated, but who Simon decided to put together and make into a country group.

The song they chose was Somebody Like You. They had the audience’s females screaming right from the start! They also harmonized well together. One of them has a really deep, cool voice. The audience was standing on their feet, clapping, and were screaming at the end of the performance.

Kelly: “Wow, guys! You guys are such an incredible country trio! This was such a brilliant idea!”

Paulina: “Your vocals blend so well!”

Demi: “I was so excited! Simon, I hate to say it, is a genius for putting you guys together.”

Simon: “I was so nervous when I put you guys together. What you really needed to have was friendship and great voice. The room has spoken; take a seat.”

“All of Simon’s seats are filled, and there’s still six groups to perform,” Mario says.

But, that’s all the time that is in tonight’s episode. so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if the groups Simon has chosen will remain in their chairs, or will get sent home, to be replaced by others.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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