Thongs Hazardous To Your Health and Your Sex Life

Thongs May Hazardous To Your Health and Your Sex Life

Thongs, those glorious little strips of nylon or lycra wedged in your butt crack, are proving to be not only hazardous to your health but may also ruin your sex life.  In fact, new studies are showing that thongs may be doing you more harm than good south of the border.

Dr. Jill M. Rabin, M.D., Associate Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is saying that if you are naturally predisposed to urinary or vaginal infections then thongs shouldn’t be for you.  The simple act of wearing a thong may aggravate an already delicate area and make it difficult to rid yourself from infection.  Those who are naturally healthy down below don’t have as much to worry about.

The problem lies mainly in the material, not in the thong itself.  Lace, lycra, nylon, and other non-breathable fabrics are breeding grounds for bacterial growth.  However, simply switching to breathable cotton may may help the cause.

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, an OB/GYN at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT, goes on to urge women to switch to all cotton underwear all the time.  That goes for the entire panty, not just for the material in the crotch.  Dr. Ghofrany explains that simply having a cotton strip in the crotch area is ineffective because of the material that is on the outside of the underwear.  Moisture can get trapped in between the layer of cotton and the outer layer and can lead to infections.  There is also an increased risk of developing skin tags in areas that the thong touches. Skin tags are caused when an area of skin is constantly being rubbed.

So, how does this all affect your sex life?  Ever try getting it on with a urinary tract yeast infection?  Not only could it lead to further infections, it is downright nasty.  And painful.  And just a really, really bad idea.  If you have hopes of getting it on any time soon it’s best to switch to all cotton, ladies.

Thongs aren’t the only item of clothing proving to be a health hazard.  Studies have also shown that skinny jeans are equally to blame.  And for pretty much the same reason.  The lycra and spandex offer no breathability and are constantly rubbing the vaginal area causing numbness and even pain.  The condition, referred to as Meralgia paresthetica, is often caused by the compression of nerves when the thighs rub together.

Thongs have been growing in popularity since the late 90’s when singer Sisqo penned his one-hit wonder, ‘The Thong Song.’  And,let’s face it, who needs to see visible panty lines?  Thongs have been heralded as a fashion miracle.  A little discomfort is nothing compared to a totally smooth backside view.

While thongs may indeed be hazardous to both your health and your sex life they don’t appear to be going away any time soon.  Bottom line is if you are already prone to urinary tract and yeast infections it’s best to switch to granny panties.  Or, if you are truly afraid of the dreaded visible panty line, go commando.

By: Mary Kay Love

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