Tiger Cub Born at London Zoo, First in 17 Years


London Zoo officials were proud to announce the birth of its newest member; a baby Sumatran tiger on Sept 22. The mother, five-year old Melati, is doing fine. The birth of the baby tiger marks the first one born in 17 years at the zoo and the six-minute labor and delivery was all captured by hidden cameras. The cub, unnamed as yet, is the son of Hari, the last tiger cub born at the zoo, who is also Melati’s father.

Melati’s pregnancy has been a well-kept secret by nervous zookeepers. They kept a close watch over the pregnant tiger during the 15 week gestation period, with hidden cameras, careful not to disturb her. The cub was born six months after the new “tiger territory” exhibit opened at the zoo. This exhibit is part of a plan to support breeding efforts of endangered species. Zoo officials will continue to monitor the progress of mother and cub and it will be several weeks before the cub will be shown to the public.

By: Lisa Nance

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