Tori Spelling Memoir Stretching the Truth?

Tori Spelling Memoir Stretching the Truth?

Tori Spelling’s recently published memoir looks more like a stretching of the truth than a honest recounting of past events. The daughter of television and film producer Aaron Spelling, cut her teeth on the type of golden spoon that few were lucky to have be born with. In her latest tell-tale book, she seems to have a penchant for elaborating on the facts that she shares with fans.

Tori was born into the family entertainment business. Her father was the producer who brought The Rookies, The Mod Squad, Charlie’s Angels, and Beverly Hills 90210 to the small screen. Daddy’s little girl had a role in the Beverly Hills hit show. While the show focussed on two “outsiders” who find themselves part of the 90210 zip code and affluent high school, it became more of an ensemble piece as time went on.

The actress played Donna Martin for the life of the series. She was one of the core cadre of class mates to the show’s stars Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry. When the show finished in 2000, the three main stars of the show moved onto other productions, but of the three, only Doherty who left the series in 1994, went on to work regularly.

Spelling moved into the reality television arena and began writing books. Her first, sTORI Telling, was her autobiography. The book was published in 2009 and it won Bravo TV’s A-List Award as best celebrity autobiography of the year. It also climbed to number one on the bestseller list. While that book earned raves, Tori’s most recent memoir seems like it could be stretching the truth a bit.

Her last book, Spelling It Like It Is was released on Oct. 22 and it is just in time to raise public consciousness in the runup to her newest reality television program, Tori and Dean: Cabin Fever. Whatever else could be said about the actress, she has found her niche in American reality television.

In Tori’s latest installment of her “life story” she talks of her displeasure with Katie Holmes and her “plastic” attitude. The two had met years before when Katie was on the popular television show Dawson’s Creek. At that point, Spelling says that she liked the “shy” girl who was just starting in her career. Later, the two bumped into one another at a voice coaching session.

Spelling relates that as she was waiting for her turn, she could hear someone in the room singing “very off-key.” Turned out that the cracked songbird was Katie Holmes. When she came out, Tori attempted to make “contact” and she was rebuffed. The actress was also upset that Katie did not seem to be aware that Tori had children.

Initially, Tori was angry and lashed out at Holmes’ attitude branding her as “plastic” and that she sang like “sh*t.” Later, she decided that she felt sorry for Katie and the situation she was in with Tom Cruise. Considering that later, in the same book of remembrance, Tori talks about just how poor she and Dean McDermott are, so poor in fact, that they could not afford a vasectomy it looks like the actress is exaggerating things for dramatic impact.

McDermott says that they aren’t that destitute. The 46 year-old actor and reality television star said that his 40 year-old wife has embroidered their financial status a little bit. He claims that at one point they were a “little strapped,” but that they were not that broke. He seems to think that Tori has, perhaps, practiced a little “poetic license.”

Either McDermott is working a little damage control on his wife’s memoirs, or Tori Spelling has been stretching the truth in her latest segment of remembrance. It does make the “Katie Holmes encounter” seem a bit dubious. The one thing that Tori’s recounting of the voice coach episode proves is that, more than anything, she was upset that her life was not important enough for Holmes to be interested in her family status. It does seem a little misguided; on a scale of celebrity Katie Holmes plays in a slightly elevated arena of fame.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom