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Truth About JonBenet Ramsey


The entire truth about the JonBenet Ramsey case will be made public when the courts unseal documents over objections by the family. A Colorado judged ordered that 18 pages be unsealed to the public after no charges were brought forth in the earlier case. The grand jury, at the time of the murder, failed to indict a single individual in the murder of JonBenet.

It was stated the grand jury considered charging the parents for child abuse resulting in the child’s death and sources say that the District attorney at the time decided not to prosecute the parents for the death of JonBent. “We do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges,” said District Attorney Alex Hunter in 1999.

The Courts are releasing nine pages relating to the father, John Ramsey. Patsy Ramsey, now deceased, will have nine pages released of her statements. Judge J. Robert Lowenbach instituted the order of release and it’s in compliance to a law brought by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. A reporter associated with the organization is seeking the indictment, which was unprosecuted.

Many observers sought the truth about the details of the JonBenet Ramsey case and have fought for years for the records to be made public. Legal analysts contend that grand jury cases have fewer evidence rules and the standards for proof are lower, compared to a traditional trial. It may be one of the reasons the DA failed to sign the indictment.

“I think the right course of action would have been public disclosure of the grand jury’s indictment at the time, followed by a later motion to dismiss if the DA genuinely believed that the case couldn’t be successfully prosecuted,” said Colorado University professor Mimi Wesson. He was a major proponent for having public disclosure of the documents related to the Ramsey murder.

As it relates to the Ramsey indictment, any statute of limitation issues have ran out long ago. DNA was released clearing the father and son of any involvement in the murder. Many speculate that the JonBenet saga will continue to mystify law enforcement. “JonBenet is our generation’s Lindbergh baby,” said Stan Oliner of the Colorado Historical Society in a 1997 interview.

Harold Haddon, Ramsey family attorney, stated that release of the records will seek to defame further the living family members related to the case. He sent a letter to the current district attorney protesting the release of any documents of the case. The Judge quoted state law in relation to the release order and denied any requests initiated by Haddon.

Critics believe the release of records will not have a major impact and the truth about the JonBenet Ramey case will never be known. Reports indicate that JonBenet was six at the time of her death and 17 years later no one has been caught or description given of a perpetrator as it relates to the case. Police initially focused on the occupants of the Ramey’s household, but later it shifted as the evidence failed to establish them as viable suspects. It is unclear why law enforcment remains at a loss for leads. The release of JonBenet’s case documents in today’s media may seek to revitalize law enforcement investigators.

By Thomas Barr

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