Two Kansas City Teens Murder 71-year-old Grandmother

Another Senseless Crime

Another Senseless CrimeJacqueline Bell was killed this past weekend in her Portland home by her great grandson, Jodah Cain, and his friend, Micus Ward. Law enforcement believes that 17-year-old Cain and 19-year-old Ward killed her then took possession of her car in order to head back to Kansas City. The 71-year-old grandmother died of blunt force trauma.

The two teens were arrested on Saturday after a commercial driver alerted the police to the Lexus that was recklessly speeding through traffic on I-84 in Eastern Oregon.

A state trooper had no problem spotting the Lexus but did incur an issue when trying to pull it over.

According to Sgt. Bob Ray, as soon as the trooper attempted to summons the driver to stop, the Lexus quickly accelerated speed up to 135 mph. The trooper decided to use a slower speed and perform a tactical vehicle intervention by forcing them off the road. This caused the driver to lose control, the Lexus to spin out and the trooper to pin the driver’s door shut with the front of the police vehicle.

The teens, Cain and Ward, were then apprehended. Law enforcement ran a trace on the license plates which tracked the car to Bell’s house in Cedar Mill, Oregon where the grandmother was found dead.

Police later learned that Cain had been sent to Oregon to live with his great grandmother, Jacqueline Bell. While living there this the past year he attended Sunset High School.

Friends and fellow school mates of Cain said they were at the house the Friday evening before Bell’s body was found. They had been consuming alcohol and smoking weed. It was there that Ward was introduced to the friends as Cain’s cousin.

The friends asked Cain if his grandmother would be angered by all the noise they were making and he told them not to worry because he would hit her and knock her out. He also said she was preparing to go away on an extended trip and he would throw a big party on Saturday night at the house.

Investigators still don’t have a motive for the killing. They don’t know if it was accidental or intentional based on the comment made by Cain. They do believe, however, as a result of the murder they planned to use her car as a means to return to Kansas City, where both used to reside.

Police did not release any details surrounding the investigation until Monday. They wanted to analyze the stolen vehicle and home for evidence as well as perform a complete autopsy first.

Bell was a well-known philanthropist in Portland. She was distinguished as one who volunteered often at local nonprofits; in addition to being a generous donor. Her death left neighbors and former co-workers in shock.

Bell’s Kansas City family members didn’t hear of her death until Monday evening and they too are in shock. The mother of the 17-year-old said she couldn’t believe he did this because he loved his great-grandmother. She said Ward must have been negative influence on her son.

The 17-year-old Cain and 19-year-old Ward are both being held with charges pending. Jacqueline Bell, 71, was killed by the hands of her great grandson leaving a community and family members in shock by the senseless and unfortunate murder.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)