Unemployed Does Not Mean Unemployable



Contrary to what one might think, “unemployed” does not mean that a person is unemployable. When I lived in California many job interviews I went on would not hire me. I was considered under qualified solely because I did not have a degree of some sort. The Rand Corporation contacted me for interviews and short tests and then called me in for hire. I was
then asked for my degree. I had none and was told I had to have at least an Associates degree because RAND did not hire anyone without a degree of some sort. Did that mean I was unemployable? I have been fired from some jobs because I helped a customer or I was three minutes late. Since moving to Kentucky I have lost out on several jobs because I was over qualified for the job. Many times the job was identical to the one in California that I was under-qualified for. Where then does one draw the line? Marketing. In your mind, that’s where.

Say you just lost your job, what now? You can apply for unemployment but don’t stop there. Assess the skills you have and how they can be applied in other fields. When my wife wanted to re-enter the work place she did not believe she had the right skills and thought she had to start at the bottom and work her way up. I sat at the table with her and outlined all the things she could do and told her to apply at TARGET for the management position they were advertising. She went right down and applied for a “Toys R Us” low, low paying job. It only took about 2 months before she was tired of all the hours and small wage. We sat at the table again and I told her to go to TARGET. She argued the position was gone and I told her it did not matter. I said “In four months you’ll be training people who have been there four years and they will ask to promote you.” It was three and a half months before she got promoted.

She was a housewife and was raising our then three children. What skills did she have? A lot. She was highly organized and took direction well, for starters. You have skills that you can sell… Packaging. Packaging is important to finding work. Notice I said “work,” not a “job.” Jobs are everywhere even in times like these. But many jobs won’t support a family of one much less two or more persons in a family. However, there is WORK everywhere you look! I have had up to 3 jobs and was building a business on the side. When you set goals in your life you have to figure out how to reach them. Find work; contract or otherwise that compliments your goals instead of interferes with them. The first time I was fired from a job I was devastated thinking I was a failure. I told my dad and expected a tongue lashing but instead he said; “Well, now I guess you can get a job doing what you like to do.” He was right, the closed door was an avenue to real freedom. Package your goals and find like minded people who can help you find work in a field you like. You might work more odd jobs until you become really good in the field you want but you will be happier doing them with your real goal in sight. So remember, there is no lack of work in America only a lack of vision. You can earn a very good living regardless of the reports of “joblessness” and “unemployment” rates. Millionaires are made every day in every economy and the next one can be you.

By: Ron Harvey

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