Visioning for Success and Health

Visioning for Health and Success
Visioning is a tactic that many businesses and professionals have used for years as a way to design and set goals.  Visioning engages the imagination in order to picture something desired that is not yet manifest.  Many describe this technique as “critical to this new information age.”  Some are applying the process of visioning to broader scopes than simply business success, but also to their health, relationships, body image and spiritual development.

How does visioning work and how can we use it for success and abundant health?  Lucia Capacchione, in her book Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams states: “Visioning is purposeful daydreaming applied to everyday life.  It is about thinking with your heart and allowing your true wishes to become your reality.  A Visionary’s language is images and words from the heart.

Dr. Ralph Kerle creator of the program Leading Change Through Creative Insights speaks of visioning or “envisioning” as a “human attribute technology cannot replicate.” He says, in order to help people direct their visions toward the desired results they must ask themselves certain questions in a particular way: “Properly researched and worded questions are the basic framework for envisioning and are crucial to successful outcomes.”  From these questions, answers are derived that give a person greater insight into their deepest desires, therefore shaping the way visioning occurs for them.

We have heard it say and science has determined that the brain does not know the difference between actual experiences or memories and visualizations.  In this way, visualizing oneself doing a certain exercise or routine repeatedly will have the same results in the body as actually doing the exercise or routine.  May professional athletes have used this technique before a game or competition to assist in their success.  Those who are bed-ridden have used visualization in order to keep muscles from atrophying.

In the way of health, individuals can use visioning to create wellness in their body and mind.  Cancer patients and others have used visioning to destroy harmful cells with success.  The important quality to visioning is repeated action.  In other words, just doing it once will not do the trick.  One must continually engage in the process of visioning a desired outcome – as if it were already true.

Visioning is a tool of the mind that can affect all layers of ones reality.  According to quantum physics, whatever the mind puts its attention on is therefore seen or experienced, or in other words, intention affects observation and observation creates realities.   Nature magazine reported a study which stated that the more “watching” was done, the more influence the one watching had on the perceived reality.  This is shown repeatedly in the famous “double-slit” experiment where observed electrons appear as particles and unobserved electrons, as waves.

How does this apply to our visioning for success and health idea?  You’ve possibly heard of vision-boards, where you cut out images and words from magazines representing the reality you are interested in creating and then look at this board daily in order to re-enforce these images into the mind?  In many cases, people report their vision board images and words have manifested with such success and precision that they caution others to be “careful” as to what is placed on a vision board – since it will likely come true.

The mind is a powerful place.  Probably exponentially more powerful than we currently give it credit.  Just like the placebo effect, when we think something is going to happen, it usually does.  If we are interested in creating success, health, relationships or abundance for ourselves, it is a good practice to envision those things as already true – and do it often.  The more we create new grooves of imagination in the brain, circuits of memory and information, the more likely it is that the energy, which is akin to what we are putting our focus on, will be “attracted” into our field and we will experience those things first hand.

Yes, visioning can be a very effective tool for creating success, health and most anything in life.  The trick is to be specific and aware of what it is you are asking for.  If you want a car, but aren’t specific, you may end up with a run-down, broken vessel of a vehicle sitting in your front yard.  If you ask for patience, you may get an experience to teach you such.  And if you ask for peace, well – the people in your life may up and leave, resulting in a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere, but not exactly what you had in mind.

In the arena of health especially, envision yourself functioning at optimal performance, smiling, laughing and receiving a clean bill of health.  In success, envision yourself easily paying bills, pulling large sums of money out of your wallet and purchasing the things you need effortlessly, or anything along these lines that resonates with you as “successful” or “healthy.”  Visioning can be an amazing tool for health and success if implemented wisely and with positive intention.  And if you don’t believe it – well, it probably won’t work for you.  And that’s the truth.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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