Who Controls the Media That Controls the Public? (video)



The mainstream media is very selective in what it brings to the public’s TV screens or other means of broadcasting the news – for example, they control the public by not covering massive protests against the government. But who controls the media that controls the public?

What makes it worse is, unbelievable as it might seem, there are still millions of Americans with no access to computers, so they are left to the extreme bias of the news media. Why would they question it when there’s nothing to compare it to?

Let’s look at the latest huge protest – where can you go to get news of the huge amount of truckers filing into Washington, DC today? Not in the  corporate-owed media, that’s for sure. If you search for it on all the major news stations, it’s like looking for Miley Cyrus’ morals.

This event is so big it actually is made up of three groups – the truckers, the bikers and the veterans who are protesting the closing of the Memorial.. They’re coming together to protest the government’s failure to uphold the constitution. The truckers also want to arrest some congressmen. Well, that’s not going to happen but it does plant more seeds.

But you won’t see these subversive or terrorist-ridden stories on the evening news, no matter how big. The news broadcasters will probably mention in passing there was a traffic jam but not why there was a traffic jam – that it was the result of thousands or millions of Americans joining as Americans to preserve their rights and the country itself.

Such a gathering would be considered subversive or extreme-right while in actuality it is the exercise of the First Amendment, part of which says…the right to peacably assemble.

Of course, you can find these suppressed news stories on Facebook, Twitter, etc, those relatively free sources of news on the planet. While it’s true certain communications against the government are covertly being suppressed here and there on FB; in general, free speech is still fairly alive and healthy in that field of cyberspace. Maybe that’s just because it’s like trying to kill a million flies with one swatter; they can’t erase billions of characters blossoming out of millions of computers every moment of the day.

However, in the general mainstream media, they can and do smother mass protests and similar news stories. How come?

The overwhelming reason is the fact that only six corporations now own 90 percent of the media; in 1992, 50 corporations owed the news media. They decide what goes into the news and the minds of the public. These six are Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch, CBS and NBS. They shape the minds and thinking of millions.

The former president of CBS News, Richard Salant, once said, Our job is to give people not what they want but what we decide they ought to have.

Even in 1922, New York City Mayor John Hylan said independent journalism didn’t exist and the international bankers control all the magazines and newspapers. At present, they dictate to every major news media in existence, including CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, etc, etc. Through the media, they decide such things as who the president will be. They control the media that controls the public.

Rothchild, in the 1800s, bought Reuters who later bought the Associated Press which now feeds all the media’s news stories. They also have controlling interest in three major TV networks. Rothchild owns $500 trillion – more than half the wealth of the world. It’s easy to see who controls the media.

There is a famous speech by David Rockefeller in 1991 where he expresses gratitude to the various news giants for contributing to a world government which will be far superior to the …national auto determination practiced in past centuries.

While millions of people watch TV, play video games or stay up all night to buy the latest iphone, they can feel safe that everything is OK. Here’s an example: during the Iraq war, news researchers were told to sift through tons of footage of death and destruction to find scenes of soldiers laughing. That way, everyone would be assured the war was going well. Truth in journalism or pablum?

Fortunately, opinions about the news media are changing. According to a Gallup poll last year, 60 percent of the public no longer trust the media while another poll from Rasmussen Reports said only 6 percent of people trust the news.

Of course, the most influential change comes from the Internet with literally thousands of alternate news sites and bloggers free to say what they think and feel. The reader does need to decipher what is true or false since much of what appears online as truth, of course, is sheer nonsense or false data. But that is a small price to pay to have the freedom the Constitution allows us – a right we need to fight hard to keep.

These corporations and bankers aiming at a world government do control the media as their most powerful weapon, taking full advantage of the Age of Information, but the public doesn’t have to be controlled, as long as more and more people are aware and the internet stays free.


Written by Lucille Femine

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